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Friday, 9 November 2007

Do Guy's Really!! Do Pilate's Exercises!!!

Do Guy’s Really!! Do Pilate’s Exercises!!!

More and more men are getting into Pilate’s exercise especially when they realise the benefits to be had for example increased strength, more endurance, agility and power. Just what most men are looking from a workout.

As we all know Men and Women are different but they still need the same benefits of regular exercise. Us Guy’s have tighter hips and hamstrings than women, so also means most men are not as supple and flexible as women.

Guys also want the same benefits that women want from Pilate's, more flexibility, better balance and especially more energy. Men want to be stronger, leaner, fitter and more virile. Pilate's however is seen a Ladies Only Exercise. The person that started Pilate's was a man and he was doing it initially for the benefit of men, some of the first people trying it out were boxers.

When I first started practising Pilate's, I was the only guy in a class of women and it did seem a bit intimidating. Now the classes I attend and seminars I go to there is a good turn out of men. When talking to lot of these guys I have found that quite a few got into Pilate's through having suffered injury and were looking for an alternative to help with their recovery process. There is an element which are already involved in sports but want increased flexibility, mobility, core strength, midsection toning and variety to their workout but not stressful on the body. Pilate's exercise can provide all these benefits... stronger Abs, good posture, strong backs and more.

Pilate's is really good for helping to keep the belly in trim, as men seem to gain weight around the mid section. An exercise routine with regular cardio exercise and a healthy diet, combined with Pilate's exercise can be a great way for a guy to keep in shape. Giving the added benefits of good posture, core strength, stamina and flexibility.

There are some great instructional Pilate's DVDs available which are especially for men. I have added a couple of links below for some of these DVDs and a book I have read. I think they are pretty good for guys just getting into Pilate's. There is also a combined Yoga and Pilate's DVD which I think is really great.

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Wishing You All Good Health
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