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Sunday, 11 November 2007

Doing Pilates Exercises In The Nude !!!

What IF!!! You Did Pilate’s In The Buff.

Doing Pilates exercises in the buff or even Yoga… a few people have asked me this question over the years and YES Nude exercising does exist.

When I was being asked about Nude exercising, I thought I would look into it further. The interesting thing was, it is quite a wide spread practice…no pun intended. There are many articles on the topic of nude exercises, especially on the Net. I am a pretty open minded guy and I have to admit I have tried it but in private…on my own and with a partner. I have found it was quite a pleasant experience, sort of letting go of the material and the physical bonds on your body and a freeing of one self. It can help to lose inhibitions and make you at ease with your own body.

When exercising in the buff, there is nothing to hide. So when doing Pilates exercises nude, you can see the form that is normally hidden by your clothes. Even better if you have a mirrored area and you can observe your form, see it as a tool to correct posture and form. It helps you to stop that cheating when you are not quite focused! You are going to get that belly in and those muscles will be engaged…head up!!

However I have not come across any Pilate’s studio’s offering classes in the nude and I am not sure if they will in the majority of cases. I have come across classes in France being offered in Nudist area’s on the south coast, so it could just be about lifestyle adjustment.

I know from my own personal experience that most people are practicing their nude workouts in the privacy of their own home or at a nudist camp. The question of safety is also raised, especially exercises that involve a lot of movement as the breasts and testicles do need a bit of support.

Also what about hygiene!! I suppose if it is done in private and on your own...it is not a problem but if there are a few people...it could be an issue. But there is always an element of risk no matter how clean an exercise area may be.

So…to do or not to do in the buff, my personal experience says it can be a good experience and its great but you have to see for your self and try it and see if it is for you. There is no harm in excising in the nude as long as you take care with the sensitive body areas.
So give it a go and see how you feel, make sure you are practicing in nice comfortable area…adjust the temperature control and make sure you draw the drapes to stop any peeping toms and have fun.

I found a few things worth checking out if you are going to try exercising in the nude, so check out the links below.

Wishing You All Good Health.
Barefoot Guru