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Friday, 2 November 2007

A great little exercise for the lower back.

Pelvic tilts are a great little exercise , one of my favourite Pilate's exercises as they are really easy to do and can be virtually done any where, lying down or standing up...standing up is a little harder but with a little practice..you will soon be doing them but to start with lying down is best and if you get back pain this gentle exercise can help to strengthen the muscles in this area.

To start off you need to lie down on your back with the knees bent and the soles of the feet flat on the floor, This is a neutral position, with the natural curve of the spine, causing the lower back to be slightly off the floor.

Once you are in this position you need to breathe in and breathe out gently, as you breathe out rock your hips towards your face,a gentle roll. Your bottom will not actually leave the floor, but you will feel your low back press into the floor. Basically you are taking the curve out of the lower back.

Imagine the pelvis as a bowl of water when you do the pelvic tilt, the water would be spilling towards your belly. After you have held the tilt for a few seconds on the exhale, then inhale and return to the neutral position.

When I first started to practice this move, I started off fairly gently by doing it around 4 to 6 times and then increased the repetitions as I got better.
Once you have got the hang of doing this Pilate's exercise on your back, then try doing it standing up.

Doing it standing, is very similar,you put your back on the wall and bend your knees slightly, inhale and when you breathe out, lift the pelvis slightly up off the wall towards your face, so the lower back presses into the wall. Hold it for a few seconds and then inhale and back to the neutral position. I would start off with 4 to 6 repetitions and build it up.

Once you have got the hang of doing this exercise, it can then lead on to other Pilate's positions i.e the bridge.

I would also recommend that if you are new to Pilate's exercise system, it is a good idea to enrol in a class and get instruction, as the instructor can then correct your posture and advice on the positions.

As it is the combination of interaction within a class and then following up with your own studies that achieves the best results. I have always learnt from people in person, while doing self study at the same time, having practiced a varied number of arts, I have found it becomes easier and quicker to learn new things as your understanding increases. I also believe that not everything is for everyone and sometimes you have to take what works for you and leave what does not work for you, as we are all unique in our own abilities.

I have had a few questions regarding the title Guru, I am not a spiritual guru or linked to any religious cause. I have just used the term, as a lot of my friends coined the name, as they believe I share my knowledge and experiences freely with out expectations. The word Guru means Teacher in Sanskrit and it is used in many other cultures in a similar fashion.In the western metaphorical extension it is used to refer to a person who has authority because of his or her perceived secular knowledge or skills.

I believe I have a range of experiences and skills achieved by my good fortune to have travelled considerably, met some wonderful teachers and mentors that have helped me on my path of enlightenment, worked hard..tried most things once...a streak for adventure. I Learnt so much from other peoples experiences and I am still learning and If I can pass some of that on...I am happy to do so.

Wishing you all Good Health
Guru Omar