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Friday, 23 November 2007

Help Stop The Creaks!! As You Age Gracefully

Help Stop The Creaks!! As You Age Gracefully.

There are some really great benefits of Pilate’s exercise, if you practice Pilates exercise on a regular basis especially as you get older.

Below are some key benefits that can be gained from Pilates exercise as you age gracefully.

It can help to slow down the physical signs of aging and make you less injury prone.

It helps your joints and muscles become more pliable.

The deep breathing that accompanies the exercises oxygenates your blood and leaves you feeling really great after a Pilates Exercise work out.

It increases your joint movement, overall mobility and bone density, which is especially important as you age.

It decreases stress and tension, joint inflammation, swelling and stiffness.
Pilates exercise can really be great for older people everywhere. It is a perfect exercise for the aging population, as people are living longer more active lifes.

It gives them a low impact choice of exercise. Traditional exercises such as jogging and gym work outs are an option for some aging exercisers. Mainly because of the stress it puts on joints. Pilates exercise it provides a full body workout without the wear and tear.

Basic Pilates moves includes stretching, lengthening for better posture and resistance training. This gentle workout gets the same results as a high impact workout and in many ways gets a better result. Gone are the days of kicking and dancing your self fit…unless you are fairly young and fit of course.

Jumping and dancing etc is ok when you are fairly young and fit but it is not really an option for most people as they get older. Pilates exercise is the perfect remedy for both sexes, it increases their level of fitness with less stress and risk to the body and helps maintain their flexibility and strength, and that is an important factor as anybody ages.

I have added some links below especially if you want further information on Pilates and Yoga for the older person. If you know or have friends that would would benefit from checking these out, just point them in the right direction or give them a treat.

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