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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Killer Weight Loss Tips

Killer weight Loss Tips.

Doing Weight Training or resistance training exercises to build muscle will speed up your body’s metabolism, muscle is active tissue, so it uses energy to maintain its state. The more muscle you have the more energy/calories you will burn.

Less Carbs….you do need carbohydrate intake for energy but excess intake of Carbs will be stored by the body as fat. So if you reduce your Carb intake you should see some fat loss.

Eat often but small meals only which are low in fat and calories, probably 4 to 6 meals a day. This allows a steady flow of nutrients to the body which creates a great environment in the body for muscle growth and fat loss.

Cut down on the saturated fats in your diet, these are the fats that cause most health problems. As anything in life there are bad fats and good fats, the fats essential to life are called Essential Fatty Acids and these are absorbed through eating the right sort of food in your diet as the body is not able to make them. A good natural supplement is Flaxseed oil.

H2O..Get your water bottle topped up. It is important to drink plenty of water. An adult can go week with put food but the body can only do with out water for a couple of days at most. Water helps to remove waste products from the body, it helps to control body temperature and forms the basis of chemical reaction in the body to provide sustenance for the body.

Get informed advice from qualified people, when you go to the gym speak to the personal trainer, get advice from dietician, and consult your doctor if you have any health issues. Be informed, be wise and don’t over do it.

Here are some useful links to some great books and DVDs that will help you on your journey to get your body in the best shape ever, so check them out. If you know a friend that is interested in getting a healthy and fitter body, why not recommend the blog, so they can check out the free Pilates exercises and the free tips.

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