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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Meditation... For Inner Fitness

Meditation…For Inner Fitness.

Meditation is a great way of giving your inner self a work out, it can help to relieve stress, help circulation and help your complexion to be more radiant and glowing.

Meditation is one of the few stress free practices that can really help to rejuvenate your skin. The effect of meditation, when practiced properly and consistently, is like an anti-aging pill that cleanses your skin and rejuvenates your complexion and body.

Meditation that teaches you how to rest your mind, thereby causing the vital energies within your body to become unleashed and flow freely. These "chi" energies interlink all the cells and tissues of your skin and body and charge them with vitality.

Various spiritual traditions have focused on creating techniques that help to retain the youthful state of your physical body and they have come to the conclusion that meditation is an alternative method of healing disease and helps to combat the signs aging.

Meditation in the long term can help in your goal to lose weight, get rid of stress and also develop a more glowing complexion. Getting a great body and having healthy glowing skin is both an internal and external affair, so you've got to be eating a healthy balanced diet, taking regular exercise, taking time out to let your body rest and be getting plenty of sleep to help your body to recharge its batteries.

Do not let your life manage you but you must to a degree manage your life to create balance and harmony between all aspects of your being.

I have added a couple of links below if you want to go into Meditation and Chi Energy in more detail and gain Further knowledge. You will find these resources very user friendly and easy to understand.

Wishing You All Good Health
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