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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Pilates Exercise Lifestyle....The Hundred

Hello Everybody

I hope you are well and getting ready for the festive holidays which are nearly upon us. It is a time when we can easily break from our usual routines due to the extra hustle and bustle of the holiday season. People to see, presents to buy and so it goes on.

Try to keep to a base routine if you do not have time for your usual routine and see if you can do some Pilate's mat exercise at home when you have around 15 minutes or so to spare.

A great exercise is the 100 and I am sure most of you will already be familiar with this Pilate's mat exercise.Here is a breakdown of the exercise.

Get your mat and lay it down and then lie on your back.
Feel your whole spine meet the floor.
You should have the sensation that your spine is long and open.
Your arms are at your side, palms flat on the mat.

Use your powerhouse "abdominals and buttocks" to bring your chin into your chest; continue that motion as you continue to roll up bring your knees into your chest, and then stretch the legs up at a 90-degree angle..
Do not lift the upper body higher than the base of the shoulder blades
Continue to press your lower back into the mat and maintain this support for your spine.

Pull your powerhouse into your lower back
Inhale slowly through your nose for 5 counts while pumping your arms up and down at either side of your body.
Your arms should be rigid. Think of them as hammers pounding nails.
Exhale slowly through your nose for 5 counts while pumping your arms .
Repeat the cycle until you have counted to 100 .
Relax completely .

Enjoy and keep practising your Pilate's to get that body toned and into shape.
Enjoy the Holidays.

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Wishing You All Good Health.
Barefoot Guru