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Pilates Exercise Lifestyle

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Monday, 15 March 2010

Hi Everybody.

Hope you are all well.

The basics are the most important elements to any form of exercise and art, especially warm ups and one the simplest is Imprinting.

Here is a reminder of Imprinting. In Pilates it is the most basic exercise there is but it can be one of the most important as well. It is a great way to centre before you commence any work out. As it is so simple and quick (5 to 10 min) it can be used any time. Also great for stress relief and a pick me up.

To start begin by lying on your back with your arms by your sides, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. You will be in neutral spine. Allow your spine to rest with its natural curves.

And Relax

Let your shoulders relax and let them release on to the floor.

Relax your facial muscles...jaw and throat.
Relax your shoulders and ribcage.
Relax your abdominal muscles. Let them drop down toward the floor.
Relax your spine. Let relax into the floor.
Relax your hips and legs.

Only use as much energy as it takes to keep your knees up and legs in alignment.

Imagine in your mind’s eye, your spine lengthening and sinking down to the mat, lightly imprinting.

Just let it happen.

As you relax, breathe deeply, expanding your chest.

As you do the imprinting exercise, try and let your imprint be very even, so that it is balanced along your body. Imagine that if you were to get up, the print your body left would be perfectly balanced.

Do imprinting for at least 4 to 6 breaths.

For relaxation and stress reduction, do imprinting for about 10 minutes or more.
Also if you need to use a neck support i.e. a small pillow etc and of course a firm padded surface to do the exercises.

See you soon.

Guru Omar