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Pilates Exercise Lifestyle

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Thursday, 30 September 2010

ट्रिम त्यात विस्ट पिलातेस Style

Beauty with symmetry

Exercises for slim waist:

1. Lie on your left side, left elbow bent with hand resting to support head. Right hand is outstretched on thigh. Inhale and raise right leg high, keeping knee straight. Grasp ankle. Breathe freely and hold pose, then release ankle and lower leg
2. In the same position, place right hand on the floor, palm down close to chest. Inhale. Raise both legs up without bending knees. Breathe freely and hold pose, then lower legs.

3. Repeat last exercise, but balance without support of right hand. Place it along the right side while raising legs. Breathe freely and hold pose, then lower legs.
4. Lie on your back with knees bent, legs slightly apart, feet flat on the floor. Fold arms on chest. Inhale, raise buttocks off the floor as high as possible.

The best exercises for losing inches from our waist are those that allow the body to switch into the third fat burning gear exercises like rowing, swimming and walking. When these exercises are completed fat is burned from all over the body including the waist and hip region. Eventually you will lose inches from the waist with regular aerobic exercise.

The many waist exercises like side bends, torso twists and hip extensions are great to help tone the muscles around the waist and hip area but they cannot reduce the fat from the waist because the time taken to complete forces these exercises to be anaerobic they burn mainly carbs. This doesn’t mean you should neglect this type of exercise for the waist. Toning the abdominal muscles helps tighten and firm the area so once you lose the layer of fat the muscles they can show through clearly to give that washboard look!

Have Fun

Remember always exercise with care and if not sure consult your Doctor prior to starting any exercise programme.

Guru Omar