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Friday, 1 October 2010

The Pilates Body

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Pilates Body

I bought myself a copy of The Pilates Body (by Brooke Siler) quite early on in my Pilates study. I have found it to be an invaluable resource. There are a lot of books on Pilates out there at the moment, but I haven’t seen any that compare to this one for quality, content and practical application. The Pilates Body begins with clear, useful information about the Pilates Method and its principles. The exercise lay out is clear, easy to follow and successfully delivers quality Pilates.

The Pilates Body covers the entire Mat work series. It caters for complete beginners through to advanced level practitioners. Each exercise is presented with clear written instructions and easy to follow pictures. The exercise models are in very good shape, are very good at Pilates and offer a wonderful example of how each exercise should be performed. My favourite part of the book is the fantastic little cartoon pictures in the top corner of each page, giving you tips on how to imagine what you should be feeling while performing each exercise. Those little pictures helped me so much with my own workouts, and also gave me a lot of ideas I could pass on to my clients when trying to explain exercises. A good visual image of what you are trying to achieve, that engages your imagination, makes your workouts more effective and a lot more fun.

The Pilates Body is a resource that you will refer back to again and again and I have found that the better I get, the more I get out o this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is teaching Pilates, taking classes, thinking about taking classes or doing it by themselves at home.

So Guys check it out, its a great book.

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Guru Omar