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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Points To Ponder by Pope John Paul II

Side note: I rarely write about religion and spirituality; This is one of those rare moments :-)

This post was inspired by this Sunday’s sermon by our local priest (yes, I do go to church and actually listen to the sermon! ). The entire sermon revolved around one sentence. It was so intriguing that long after the sermon was over, I was still thinking about it. Naturally, it made in to a blog post!

"We have lost the sense of sin" ~ Pope John Paul II

It seems this statement is fairly old; nevertheless new to me (have you heard this before?).

The "sense of sin" refers to having an accurate conception of sin and an awareness of sin in one's life. It is part of what is normally understood as "conscience."
After some digging around in Google, I came across this,

John Paul II in "Reconciliatio et Paenitentia" wrote of a "sensitivity and an acute perception of the seeds of death contained in sin, as well as a sensitivity and an acuteness of perception for identifying them in the thousand guises under which sin shows itself. This is what is commonly called the sense of sin. This sense is rooted in man's moral conscience and is as it were its thermometer."

Think about it.. Is our society losing the "sense of sin" ?

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