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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Positions of Pilates - Know What It means to extract your Navel to your spine

Hi Guys

Here are some common universal Pilates Terms.

There are specific positions Pilates found his body in every time you do a Pilates workout. Like many other forms of exercise, there is a language for Pilates all its own.

Here are some positions from Pilates to use again and again:

Orientation of Pilates o: refers to a position slightly turned out (15 degrees) of the legs. This allows you to feel a lengthening of the legs, buttocks and inner thighs.

or in parallel: legs and feet on the alignment was not converted.A place where your feet, knees and hips are in alignment.

or Neutral Spine: or pelvis neutra.Un place where the bones of the hip and the pubic bone in the same plano.No are held is too holding or too extended in the lumbar spine.

or print Spine: term generated Pilates.Un Stott Pilates method place where the lumbar spine is slightly more bending giving the sensation of your low back be closer to the mat.

or Table Top: Lying on your back, the legs are high and bent at an angle of 90 degrees at the hips and knees.

or C-curve: loin is bent in a letter “C” position.Allows that the feeling of strong spine navel and prepares you to gently rolling on the spine.

Bending o: when decreases angle on the hips, as at the fold to play finger or performing exercise Stretch Forward Pilates spine column.

Extension column o: when increasing angle hip, as when bend backwards or perform the Swan Dive Pilates mat exercise.

An instructor will use images and phrases to help you feel and an exercise correctamente.Joseph Pilates firmly believes in the power of the mind, and when you use the terminology of Pilates, unleash your mind to follow to create image.

E.g. If someone said zip up your abdominal, one can imagine to compress to a tight pair of jeans and her belly automatically pulls a little more profundo.Joseph Pilates often used the image of “navel to spine” to get your customers strongly working from its core or potencia.La importance of knowing the correct terms and locations of Pilates is crucial in his ejercicios.Imagina routine to be a ballet dancer and not knowing the five basic positions, or a glass of weight who do not know how busy correctamente.Sin know the language of the work they are doing is disadvantageous for their progress and a disservice to the history of the Pilates exercise.

Is expected that the next time you hear “navel spine” you’re in your favourite Pilates mat class doing the exercises and feeling a little more.

Guru Omar