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Friday, 1 October 2010

Why are golfers using Pilates to improve your game?

Tiger Woods, Annika Sörenstam, and Camilo Villegas will tell you that Pilates has improved his game of golf. Here is why.

Let’s face it, most golfers not train for their sport as brokers or football players. In addition, golf places emphasis on one side of the body rather than the other, making it easy to injure his back or become so uncomfortable that the fun is no longer.Pilates conditioning can avoid this well-known ocurra.Es that Pilates improves posture and the game of golf, maintain the correct posture for your swing and continue through reduces the strain on your lower back and shoulders.
Statistically, after the age of 30, golfers maintain injury every three years. After in the 1950s the number rises to one per year!Many golfers have learned that Pilates Conditioning improves your game and significantly reduces the risk of injury. exercises that Joseph Pilates invented in the 1920s are still the best formula to strengthen all the muscles in the body and body “core” of movement. Breathing and concentration that one learns with these exercises also help your game of golf.
Golfers who have taken my Get Ready For Pilates program have beaten several stokes out of his game, greater flexibility in their shoulders and hips and enhanced low back and abdominal muscles.I ‘ will be honest with you, few first guys who came to my class originally came to keep their company wives, but again because he noticed a big difference in your body and could lead to the ball more lejos.Cuando you will learn to move your body properly and use their core strength to drive the ball, the results speak for themselves.
A quote attributed to Joseph Pilates “10 sessions you will feel the difference; 20, you will see the difference, and 30, you will have a completely new body”. In connection with golf - after 10 sessions you see improvement in his game and after 20 sessions you hooked in Pilates!
I recommend finding a one of the recognized certifying institutes (Stott, physical mind Institute, or the Pilates method Alliance)-certified Pilates instructor. Check credentials to entrust their security to an instructor. There are also “Specific Golf Pilates” instructors who specialize in improving your game. I think you’ll feel the same results in his body especially conditioning with any of the options, however, your game is very likely that will improve faster with a specialist.
Here is my quick tip on correcting posture and breathing.
Booth normally and look at its position in a mirror.Now inhale deeply and slowly concentrating on the expansion of its ribs out to the sides at the same time.Avoid raising shoulders up around his ears and especially not to suck the abs and forced her back low outside.I know this seems logical because we all grew up thinking that we were supposed suck our abs in, but really cause tension inferior.Nos back we are supposed to have the curve little natural in the lower back! exhale slowly and completely, then try nuevo.Mantener practicing until you see your rib cage slightly raise and expand outside the lados.Cuando you feel what sufficiently comfortable, try to keep your spine aligned for several minutes, so that you breathe slowly and deeply has 5 and 6 cuenta.Observe much more comfortable how it feels when they were wearing their shoulders as earmuffs or sucking on the abs.Su back is in correct alignment and is easier to breathe deeply - enjoy this practical fresco.Esta oxygen every day to make better posture a habit.

 Enjoy the game!

Guru Omar