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Friday, 15 October 2010

Yoga "scholar" dislikes nude yoga

Yoga "scholar" dislikes nude yoga

Hi Guys here is a interestinmg article I read....

Naked yoga is one of the most relaxing ways to practice this ancient art of relaxtion. Being nude while doing yoga, you are one in complete tune with your body.

Recently, a yoga "scholar" has written a book saying in his opinion yoga is more "stylish than spiritual."

He says:

"Decrying the fashion parade and sexy outfits in yoga classes, he laments how "modesty, once a highly valued yogic virtue, is considered old-fashioned." He is especially appalled at the concept of nude yoga classes. And he says ancient tantric yoga, which often deals with sexual energy, has been abused by exploitative teachers. It's a criticism he shares with Buddhism's Dalai Lama."

Well Mr. "scholar" the times have changed, so get with the program.

The Olympics in ancient Greece were held in the nude. Over time, they were "bastardized" and athletes started to wear clothes to compete in the Olympics. You don't hear sports announcers decrying that the Olympics have lost their moral compass because athletes now wear clothing. Times have changed and athletes dress has too.

The whole idea is to practice yoga to meditate and relax, or use it for stretching purposes. It is good for people to get in touch with their bodies. If you ned it for spiritual reasons, great, but most people don't need it for "religious" purposes.

Mary Clare practices yoga and pilates for stretching and relaxing purposes. It has been the best thing for her.

Sorry, we are not ancient Buddists and don't wear heavy robes when we do yoga like they did. But then, this is the year 2007 and not in the year 700 AD.

Yoga is not for the elitist few that the "scholar" deems pure enough to "properly" practice it, but is for the masses. It brings so much physical relief to so many people. I for one am happy that it has gone mainstream.

I guess the Dalia Lama is not going to be leading nude yoga classes at our resort anytime soon. Boohoo!

Guru Omar
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