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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

How Much Control Do We Really Have Over Our Own Lives?

Playing with the cards we are dealt with
Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. ~Josh Billings
When any year begins everyone is filled with good cheer and look forward to the days with much hope. You feel as if you have a handful of Ace’s.

But as each day unfolds, the cards you receive are different. Sometimes, you think ahead and can predict what cards you get; other times, you know what card you need to play to get the card you want. The rest of time, no matter what we had planned and no matter how much you try to control the cards you get, life seemed to have its own plans!

I guess this is the “fate or destiny” question. I’ve casually philosophized about it before but this time it’s personal. I’m not trying to be whiny so please excuse me if I come off that way, but lately I find that when I sit back and “let things fall into place” they really don’t, and when I “take control of my life” I’m only in control of so much.

A conversation with my positive attitude(PA) kicks in,
PA: Your mind and your spirit are of you.
The drive and determination you have to achieve something true and real, is only successful, if you can take a look at the world around you and realize that it, is out of control, not you.

You have control over your life. You control what you think. You control how you ac , how you look and you control the people that you have in your life.
Note: by control, I mean "who", not forcing people to do stuff against their will.

me: But how do I know if I am in control?
PA:well, If you can be quiet, inside of your own mind, with it yelling back at you. You are in control.

me: Geeze, my mind is always yelling at me, I must be crazy!
PA:You aren't Crazy, You are in more control.
That control is an integral part of your life, what you think, and how you feel, is YOURS
No one else’s.

NO ONE else put that thought into your head and if they did, congratulate them for planting some seeds!

me: Silent for now…

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Monday, 29 November 2010

Are You Practicing Being Unhappy?

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Fast Start Guide To Enhance Life

Enhance Life started with my first post Welcome To Enhance Life, way back in 26th September 2006! Can't believe I have been blogging for 3 years!

Over the years, Enhance Life has accumulated hundreds of posts. Most of which you might have missed. This page is a one stop page, where I have tried to highlight the best posts, of all these years. Happy Reading...

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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pilates Sample Exercises

For Pilate exercise amount doesn’t matter much as quantity when after of this regime. Artist performer Pilates is supposed to understand right from the beginning the fact that the most important aspect refers to the power of the mind over the body movement. Each student must aim to improve appearance and achieving a more balanced view of life. So every student Pilates will know that growing body mass is not one of the objectives of Pilates. When you dominate the domains of the mind, the body reacts to move freely and with precision. There are a wide variety of pilates execises can choose a machine to help you or you can choose to make one simple body movements. These are the main focus of the philosophy behind him - focus through focus, concentration and control.

All Pilates movements have any hidden meaning and must be accurately in order to exploit the true potential of this fitness program. This has become popular in the modern world as people seek new ways to manage their health and achieve peaceful mood States at the same time. This is the need for internal balance and sculpt the body at the same time responses. The fact that everyone may order a DVD, for which he or she can practice at home also contributed to its popularity. This is a program very unique fitness that is designed to meet the needs of any age group and the conditions of the body. Accommodates even pregnant women and children. Initially, Pilates movements become major aid to people who are recovering fro diseases or specifically dancer´s lesions.This is how he met Roman Kryzanawska, who is one of the disciples of Joseph Pilates.Ella presented Moira to this sport and interest Moira´s and dedication to made Pilates Stott Pilates a reality.

Pilates really created a revolution in the people view way sports and had raised awareness about the idea of using these smooth movements to sculpt the last cuerpo.Por, people understand that don´t you have compete to win anything in this form of deportes.Este popular regime is all about achieving balance inside and balance body self.

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Friday, 26 November 2010

Meaning of Angry

EQ stands for Emotional Quotient that means the ability of a person to control his or her emotions. The higher your EQ, the better you are at controlling your emotions.

Now, the question is, how to increase your EQ? Let me bring you a story. There’s a woman who finds it hard to control her emotion and she gets angry easily even thought sometimes she knows that it’s really her fault.

So, she went to a temple to find an old monk to talk about her problem. Without saying a word, the monk locked her up in a small room. The woman was very angry and scolded the monk, “Hey you dirty monk! How can you do like this to me? You’d better let me know.”

She scolded, barked and screamed for a long time but the monk just ignored her.

Then the woman changed her attitude. She used the begging method. She begged the monk to let her go but the monk just pretend not to hear her.

After a long while, the woman calmed down. Then the monk came to ask the woman.

“Are you angry?”

“Yes! I am angry of myself. Why I am so stupid to come and ask for suffering here?” cried the woman

The monk shook his head and replied, “The people who can’t forgive themselves can not find their happiness.”

After a while, the woman sighed and said, “I’m not angry anymore because it doesn’t worth it.”

Again, the old monk gave his witty reply.

“Still considering whether it worth it or not means that you have not let go the anger.”

The sky is now getting darker and the temple become quieter. Only the sound of insects can be heard.

This woman slowly immersed herself in the calmness of the temple. The old monk appeared and before he had a chance to spit out a word, the woman asked him.

“Would you please tell me the meaning of angry, master?”

“It means punishing yourself for other people’s mistakes” replied the master happily.

Do you learn something from this story?

Do you feel stress and angry often?

Do you see how these negative emotions are related to the Law of Attraction?

Look, it is extremely important for you to eliminate or at least reduce these negative emotions before you can leverage on the power of the Law of Attraction.

Here’s the good news for you. Head over to http://CureStressNaturally.com and download the 4 symphonies of stress for FREE.

In this jam-packed ebook you will learn about:

The silent killer within your body.The number one cause of disease.The 7 culpritsThe war in your bodyThe art of retreatSimple actions that make you smile and laugh againLearning the lighter side of your lifeand many more …

The next step is to read it immediately and see how it changes your life. You’ll never solve the problem until you understand the root of the problem.

Remember to read it and feel free to share it with your friends, family and your love ones.

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Attracting Wealth With the Law of Attraction

I have an interesting story to share with you today.

There was a witch who lived in a black house in a forest. It was dark all over the house. The house looked dark from outside and inside. The kitchen, toilet, dining room, chairs, table and everything else were black in colour.

The witch has a black cat which she loved dearly. Things were always good except when the witch was sleepy, she’ll accidentally kick or step on her cat.

One day, the witch felt sleepy, accidentally stepped on her cat and fell down from stairs. She felt angry and quickly turn the cat green with her magic stick. Now. the witch can see the green cat easily at any corner of the house.

On the next day, the green cat ran to a field outside the house. Here’s where the problem comes. It’s quite hard to find a green cat in the green grass.

Then the witch turn the cat into a colourful cat. A cat with red head, yellow body, pink tail and purple legs. She’s satisfied with her new “decoration” because she can find her cat no matter where it is now.

However, the cat hated it very much. When it was turned green, it tried to run away from the house. Now, with a colourful body, it looks even worse and the birds on the tree couldn’t help but to laugh at the silly cat.

To express its dissatisfaction, the colourful cat hid itself in a hole and not even want to come out for any meal. The witch was worried and turn it back into a black cat as it was and made the house looked colourful.

The moral of the story, it’s much easier to change ourselves than to change others.

Many people I met recently care complaining about their financial status. Most people want to earn more, retire early but do nothing other than complaining.

There’s no use to complain about your boss not raising your salary so that you can go for a better vacation or government for not take enough care of you or the hiking price of oil and stuffs.

The better way would be change your job, change your spending habit or start investing.

Investing is my all time favorite because it gives me the opportunity to leverage my cash. Talking about investing, I have a couple of opportunities which recently came to me and I think I should share it here.

If you have spare cash and looking for long term investment vehicle, I’d recommend you to invest in silver and gold. Silver is precious metal and also widely used in industries. Its supply is far less than gold. If you are interested to learn more about why silver is a good investment, you can get more information here.

Where To Buy Silver?

One main problem with investing in Silver is, it’s hard to get the supply of silver in some countries, especially in Asia. After doing some research, I found a trusted friend who can help to broker silver deals for me. So, if you are interested to invest in silver but having a hard time to get the supply, Contact me and I can help you to broker the deal.

Second Opportunity

The second opportunity is a private equity deal recommended by a friend of mine. Basically, it’s about investing in a new company which will be listed in a few years time. It’s a technology company and the management team has a great track record. This is a good opportunity to double your money in a year time. I have no relation to this deal but if you are interested, I can connect you with a friend of mine who’s brokering the deal. (You can contact me here)

If you have been attracting wealth with the Law of Attraction lately and have some spare cash in hand, you have landed yourself on the right web page today. I truly hope that these 2 opportunities can help to change your life.

Keep on attracting the best and don’t forget to leave your comment in the comment box below.

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Anti-Aging Pilates

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Why the Internet and marketing information is The Best Business On Earth?

Three types of companies in existence, only one is above the rest. And main product sells the best products for information, products that fill a need, information marketing, marketing to the needy.

Entrepreneurs are basically chooses between focusing on retail sale, sale of services or selling through direct response marketing. With retail sale come difficult as fixed the price of rental and insurance, limited income potential product with possible low profit margins and seasonal issues or other maturities and mange inventory.Services, there is more under the most often costs more higher profit margins; however, they are limited by the number of hours of their employees and invest in their efforts to direct negocios.Respuesta is different.

Information for marketing and direct response

With direct response marketing, is find out what need people, and then filling the need.Do your homework and research into what people are looking for online, e.g. on search as a free download at GoodKeywords.com https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and Google AdWords keywords tool tools.

For example, suppose that you are selling information products of fitness (ebooks, reports, etc.).And you want to see if people can buy some products about pilates.Esta information becomes about latest searches with Google (Tm):

free Pilates 43700

158000 Pilates exercises

Pilates Aero 22300

Stott pilates 239000

studies of Pilates 141000

610 free pilates exercises

Method Pilates 247000

total gym pilates 13600

134000 Pilates Certification

Joseph pilates 267000

Pilates rebounder freeform cardio 244

Pilates machine 28800

What is pilates 57200?

Pilates mat 277000

Pilates machines 33300

Yes, many people are looking for information about pilates.puede rush and create products and marketing focused on higher above for optimal return on investment (ROI) keyword phrases.

By running a business in this way, you have costs using cheap business and online marketing tools and methods start low, low cost product and delivery with electronic downloads, higher margins of profit and unlimited earning potential with automation.

Tips marketing info

A couple of tips to help with their own business marketing information are:

1) Learn everything you can about the construction of list maintenance and grows its own lists (for online and offline marketing)

(2) Keep a folder from all the different ways that can be sold online and off.La head to the SBA.gov free small business assistance.

(3) Maintain with their specialized industry to learn about what people need and want, so you can fill the needs continuously with new products.

By looking over the options available, it is easy to see why the marketing information is the best business in the tierra.Por therefore leave and join successful entrepreneurs and make your own success!

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Monday, 22 November 2010

18 Personal Development Bloggers & Their Head Turning Remarks

Alex (Unleash Reality) said,

there’s no reason to want everybody to like you. Do what you want and let whatever happens happen. Some people will love you. Others will hate you. That’s fine.…

Dani (Positively Present) asks,
I can -- we all can -- leave our fingerprints on the world. You're sitting there, reading this, and thinking to yourself, "How can I make a difference? What can I really do that will change the world?"

What kinds of fingerprints do you want to leave behind?

David Cain (Raptitude) said,
Uncertainty seems to only manifest itself as two things: recurring worrisome thoughts, and a certain tension in the abdomen. It’s not a preferable state, but that doesn’t make it unbearable. Uncertainty really doesn’t have any reality other than those two things, and if you can let both of them just happen without sounding the alarm bells, you might see that there’s no emergency at all.

Davina (Shades Of Crimson) said,
I realized that something was happening now. Something was going to happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that. It might be something I’d planned… or not.
Me. And whatever happened, I would deal with whatever something was.

Evelyn Lim (Attraction Mindmap) said,
If you want to make the world a better place, you need to first start with the Man in the Mirror. If you desire positive changes in life, you have to start with yourself.

Glen (Life Dev) said,
So often we get that paralyzing feeling that the world is going to end when something unexpected happens. If you’re going to make it through to see tomorrow, you’ve got to force down that lump in your throat, take command of your nerves and calmly figure out a plan to finish the day.

Glen Allsopp (PluginID) said,
once this event we’ve been looking forward to is upon us, we’re already on the lookout for the next one; the next high. ...
If you can see that most of your life is spent reminiscing the past or awaiting the future, it’s not too late to change.

Havi Brooks (Fluent Self) asks,
There are always going to be some people who are going to throw shoes at you.

How do you/how should you react, when someone throws a shoe at you?

Jeff Nickles (My Super Charged Life) said,
life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes!

It is odd to me how we will often stick with something that we don’t like and that sometimes even causes us pain and suffering!

Jonathan Mead (Illuminated Mind) said,
Most of our suffering is caused by caring too much about things that don’t really matter. The hand we’re dealt in life is outside of our control. The events and situations we’re placed in our largely beyond our influence. Stop caring about what other people do, what other people think and work within the circle of your influence.

Jonathan Wells (Advanced Life Skills) asks,
Whose approval do we want?
Our primary source of approval needs to be internal rather than external. We need to approve of ourselves in order to feel true inner peace and security.

Lisis (Quest For Balance) asks,
In our desperate desire to be right and to never get hurt again, I wonder how many of us make these stupid and careless mistakes that can cost us what we value most?

Nadia (Happy Lotus) said,
In order to welcome in something new, you have to get rid of the old. The emotional release is a way to do that. No one can heal you except yourself.

Stacey Hoffer (Create A Balance) said,
When we practice the art of life balance, we cannot practice the same way all the time from situation to situation. Our external environments are too powerful. Our internal compass needs to learn how to adapt.

Shamelle (Enhance Life) asks,
Things may be hard and difficult. Your mind has the ability to make it even harder!

Is heavy thinking ruining your life?

Sherri (Serene Journey) asks,
Have you ever thought life would be better ANYWHERE other than where you are right now?
Truth is some of your problems may go away once you have met all of your “if only’s” and “better when’s” but it won’t make the perfect life that fairy tales are made of.

Steven Aitchison said,
Recognizing and changing your way of thinking can be a long process depending on what patterns of thinking you employ and how badly you want to change. People can change, do change and change for the rest of their lives, I know I have, so don’t be thinking you’ll never be able to change, you can and you will if you really want to.

Steven Mills (Rat Race Trap) said,
No matter how close you are to someone, it is an illusion to think they truly understand you or you truly understand them. At some level you can share your experiences, but ultimately you are alone with your own experiences and you will get along better in life if you accept that and figure out what it means to you.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

3 Steps To Achieve Better Self Discipline

Achieve Better Self Discipline
I have come across many occasions where part of me wants to engage in a productive activity, such as working on a blog post, cleaning etc. However, at the same time, another part of me wants to watch some television, may be eat some chocolates or do anything else to avoid doing something I consider productive! I am sure you can relate to similar situations.

Self discipline is one of the most important and useful inner powers in everyone's life. It has always been considered an essential tool for success, in all areas of life.

Self discipline can be learned and developed like any other skill. Sadly, only few take any steps to develop and strengthen them in a systematic way.

This is an area I am trying to develop myself and I turned to, Self-Discipline In 10 Days, Going From Thinking To Doing, a book by Dr.Brooks & Dr.Goldstein.

Here are a few highlights….
Self-discipline is:
Becoming aware of your subconscious resistances to action, then overcoming those resistances.

The process of coordinating your conscious and subconscious psychological elements.

This should not be confused either with blaming ourselves or justifying behaviors that are inappropriate. Acceptance implies that we assume responsibility for our actions. We don’t resort to realizations such as “He made me angry”, “She was very persuasive, and that’s why I did such a foolish thing.” When I read that one, my reaction was “ya, right.. .. easier said than done.”. Most likely, we all have occasionally acted without thinking. At times it may be adaptive to do so, such as when we instinctively jump out of the way of an incoming car. At other times, no hard is done by an impulsive action. We often witness this in people whose mood on a particular day determines their behavior and their level of self-control. Their response to similar situations varies based on how they are feeling at the moment, rather than on the reality of the situation.

Time is the one indispensable ingredient of accomplishment. Everything you want to achieve requires time. The only way you can get enough time to do the things that can really make a difference in your life is by conserving time that you would normally spend somewhere else. You are surrounded by people and circumstances that waste your time and undermine your effectiveness all day long. Only by practicing rigorous self-discipline can you free yourself from these thieves of time.

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Interview with singer Kellee Maize

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Hi Guys

Interview with singer Kellee Maize

My Yoga Online recently enjoyed the opportunity to connect with singer Kellee Maize.  Kellee is a former gymnast who now pursues a singing and song writing career.  She brings focus and grounding energy to her career with her passion for yoga.  She follows an engaging path with a philosophy of 'I consider myself a spiritual person and now see activism on an energetic level that starts within so I work on my SELF daily'.  We are excited to hear that her album is currently #1 on Amazon In the Dance category (even ahead of Lady Gaga).

My Yoga Online  Interview with Kellee Maize:

*When did you start Yoga and what/who was your inspiration to begin practicing?
I started over the last few years.  I was inspired from my first practice when the teacher could not believe how inflexible I was given that I used to do gymnastics.  Her sign said, Yoga is my health insurance.  I didn't have health insurance during that time and realized that this could really help.  I don't get to practice as much as I would like with my schedule, but, it is so helpful in keeping me centered.

*What types of Yoga and meditation do you lean towards and why?
I really prefer Yoga as meditation.  I don't really like doing any faster paced or aerobic yoga.  I also practice transcendental meditation.

*As a young musical performer, how does doing Yoga translate to your career and the industry in which you work?
Well, I am often sitting at a computer, writing or working online so it is good to get up and do some poses.  I also feel sometimes I have blockages that need attention.  I recently started working with a friend, Iris Baron, who focuses on energetic chakra work while doing the practice which I think is amazing.  As a performer, it is so important to stretch.  I learn this the hard way and have to always remind myself of why its so important to be
disciplined about practicing!

*More and more people from all demographics are now engaging in the practice of Yoga, but there are still some lingering stereotypes of who does and should do Yoga.  Can you offer any advice or inspirations for young people who may have not tried or are curious about Yoga, but still have some hesitation in starting?
I honestly see it as part of a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.  I think there are so many different forms that there is certainly one that will resonate with you.  I have also done yoga with many different "types" of people and can't really say that there are many stereotypes among them.  Again, I see it as health insurance!  And everyone needs that!

To learn more about Kellee Maize, please visit her site www.kelleemaize.com

Photo by Laura Petrilla (misslphotography.com)

 Yogis, yoga community, kellee maize

Guru Omar

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Choose a Pilates - Pilates lineage Professor

The question of Lineage

Majority of Pilates teachers out there today trace their lineage to Joe and Clara Pilates, and this includes such heavyweight as Mari Winsor and Moira Stott. I, for example, was originally a Pilates client while a student at SUNY Purchase. I learned under Steve Giordano, who studied with student his Romana Kryzanowska. I then worked with Karen Carlson in Philadelphia, who studied with Mary Bowen and Kathy Grant, who studied with Joe. And I have received my Michelle Larson certification and teacher, Eva Gentry, who studied with Joe.Since then I have worked directly with Roman, for she died Eva and Kathy.Por that while my membership training Studio is with the Institute of PhysicalMind crawl my lineage as a student and teacher back to Pilates himself and when people ask me what style of Pilates teach that I can honestly say it is my own, but reported by all my teachers.

10 Students from Joe who taught Pilates either study or opened his own (yea, there was other studios New York Pilates opened in 50 years!), only 6 are still alive and 5 are still actively teaching in their 70s and 80s!Each individual took what he or she has learned from Joe and Clara and expanded the work with their own knowledge and experiencia.Además, many elderly work with the otro.Por therefore, different styles of Pilates, all which ultimately go back to Joseph Pilates, himself.

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Friday, 19 November 2010

5 Must-Have Persuasion Fundamentals To Get Your Own Way

Persuasion Fundamentals
You have being trying to get your own way since you were a baby. Crying, smiling, banging your hands on the table.. primitive to be sure- but effective.

Fast forward several years…
Wanting to get your way may have others define you as persistent, stubborn, hardheaded, or some other form of being tenacious. But the bottom line of other’s perception is of you is the way, the manner by which, you choose to try to get your way.

People start out skeptical. They want to know; what is this? Why will this work? Why do you want me to do this? Why are you asking me? What are you trying to accomplish? What will this mean to me? How will this affect me? How do I win?

Your ability to plausibly explain goes a long way towards getting your way.

People are more likely to be persuaded if they see how they win as a result of following your lead or seeing it your way.
Your conviction is part of their “buy-in-false” sincerity eventually shows.. and smells
Are you making statements that others can relate to? That others find conceivable? Conceivable leads to believable.
This is one of your major keys to persuasion and getting your way. Not telling- asking, are you asking questions that relate to the other person? Questions about them, that make them stop and think, and respond in terms of you? Powerful persuasion starts with powerful questions. Ask their opinion. Solicit their expertise. Ask about their experience.
Reputation is so powerful, it can make getting your way an automatic yes if yours is exceptional or an automatic no if yours is “iffy”

No one single item from this list will complete the process. The more you master each of them, the more persuasive you’ll become, and the more you will get your way.

You will not get your way all the time. However, by polishing your skills, deepening your belief and developing a passion for what you want, you will get your way more often.

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Drugs for pain – Are they worth it??

Many pain medications are not suitable for long term use because of the potentially damaging side-effects. You might recall that Vioxx® was taken off the market in September 2004 after the release of a study showing that the drug doubled the risk of heart attack and stroke in long-term users.

Now a co-author, a senior cardiologist of a Danish study is recommending that one of Australia’s best known pain killers, Voltaren be taken off the market as well. Even Ibuprofen, commonly sold as Nurofen and Advil, was linked to a 30 per cent increased risk of stroke when more than 1200 milligrams were taken. See the article in the Sydney Morning Herald here.

Strong Pain? Powerful Physios! Drug Free Pain Relief.

It’s worth looking back at the Vioxx® and Celebrex® story. Vioxx® and Celebrex® as a new class of COX-2 inhibitor drugs were promoted as “wonder drugs” because they were friendly to the stomach. As it turned out however, Vioxx® in particular proved to significantly increase the risk of stroke and heart attack among long-term users.

What was Merck & Co’s (manufacturer of Vioxx®) initial response when the medical profession discovered there may be a link between cardiovascular disease and the long term use of the drug? They sponsored an educational symposia and circulated media articles to discredit the cardiovascular concerns associated with their drug. They then spent more than $100 million a year to promote the drug with consumer direct advertising. Vioxx® was finally taken off the market in September 2004 after the release of a study showing that the drug doubled the risk of heart attack and stroke in long-term users.

By their very nature, drugs are designed to block or inhibit normal processes within the body such as an enzyme performing a vital role. They can be life saving when used in acute care, but alternative approaches should be seriously considered in the longer term. Drugs can only be of value in a disease state, only then can the body benefit from blocking an essential process and there are almost always unwanted side-effects. So by the very nature of their actions, drugs cannot play a role in wellbeing, only in sickness. Nutrients on the other hand are enablers, they give the body the building blocks it needs to maintain wellbeing and resist disease. The impact is not immediate but the benefits come over the long term.

Sick of taking drugs for pain? You should be. Learn more about the Lifestyle Therapies Chronic Pain Guarantee and how to get off the pharmaceutical merry-go-round.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Driving In the US

Goals Begin Behaviors. Consequences Maintain Behaviors

Note: A colleague of mine shared with me via email. I thought that this would be useful to you, thus decided to make it a post on EnhanceLife

"Once there was a bright young man who was looking for an effective manger. He wanted to work for one. He wanted to become one. His search had taken him over many years to the far corners of the world." Finally he met the One minute Manager who shared the secrets of "one minute management". He was neither autocratic nor democratic; neither tough nor nurturing. He taught three secrets of the one minute management to the young person. We also going to learn them.

"People who feel good about themselves produce good results"

The first secret of the three is "One minute Goal Setting". It is about making sure that we know what good performance is. One minute manager sets each goal and its performance standards with his subordinates in a paper with less than 250 words, something can be read in less than one minute. Once a while people can spend a minute and read the goal and see whether the behavior matches the goal. We certainly have this in our OPM process.

Goal setting is so important so that the people can feel that they are achieving. When you go for bowling and if there are no pins standing, would you ever roll the ball? When there are pins but if they are covered with a paper screen, you would try rolling and might hear some sounds which makes you happy. But you would not enjoy the game much. So the manager responsibility is to make the pins visible and then there is no doubt that the people will enjoy the work.

"Help People to Reach Their Full Potential. Catch Them Doing Something Right"

Most often manages catch people when they do something wrong. They are watching behind the paper screen so that they can see the pins well. They would say that you missed eight pins instead of telling that you hit two. The second secret of one minute management is "One Minute Praising". People should told right from the start that you are going to let them know how they are doing. Once a good work done people should be praised immediately and it should be specifically about the particular work and not a general praise. Just spend only one minute for this. Tell them how good you feel and let them feel it and encourage them to do more of the same.

"We are not just our behavior. We are the person managing our behavior"

The third secret of the one minute manager is "One minute Reprimand". Sometimes really bad things happen and then, you need to go for one minute reprimand. As in the previous secret your should do this immediately. Divide your minute into two. In the first 30 second, tell what went wrong and tell how you feel about it and let them also feel it. During the second half you should remind them how valuable they are to you and to the organization. Reaffirm that you condemn the behavior but you value the person because the person is not just the behavior. Finally agree not to repeat the same.

"The best minute you spend is the one you invest in people"

"Everyone is a potential winner. Some People are disguised as losers, Don't let their appearances fool you"

The most important lesson we can learn from this book is,

"Goals begin behaviors. Consequences maintain behaviors."

Finally our young guy became an effective manager by learning and practicing the above secrets and came up with a new principal.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

2009 Wind Down Of Enhance Life

Every year, during the last week of December, I have something similar to the Oscars on EnhanceLife, with one minor exception. You don't need to be a Hollywood celebrity or wear a glamorous outfit to attend!

Here goes..

Leave a comment and make your vote count!

And before you leave your seats...
I want to thank all of you who visit Enhance Life and have supported me throughout the year. I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with much happiness, good health and prosperity.

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Monday, 15 November 2010

Pilates Machine - better support for Pilates training

Pilates has been crazy from the beginning of 2000. This form of exercise has unique approaches to fitness and can provide significant benefits for the strengthening and conditioning of the body. Practical isometric moves to strengthen the body. Pilates exercise you can perform on mats, but have pilates machine certainly increase your workout, and help you take advantage of his own body as resistance.

Practicing pilates and the use of machines gives shape to your body. Strengthening core muscles to give your body stability and strength. As the pad cushy on rollers.Use straps to move pad, using his own body to strengthen and extend the arms and the piernas.Desarrolla a strong torso.

The line of Pilates equipment up as:

1. Premier Reformer Pilates machines: IT improves muscle tone, balance, and resistance.Each Office agrees with the abdominales.Usted can develop a stronger chest, strong shoulders, triceps and buttocks, thinner thighs and calves. Especially improves coordination, flexibility, and posture. Includes: a video of personal training and training full color chart.

2. Home SPX Stott Pilates Reformer: the ultimate goal of this machine is to build strength without grueso.Proporciona superior training from the comfort of home.Designed soft, under impact exercises help to improve agility, flexibility, core strength and economy of motion. Includes 1 padded Extender platform and a professional reformer box with joint pie.Un double loop strap belt training DVD and easy-start exercise poster.

3 Pilates Reformer 4000: has a full list of features and special design enhancements that make their training more effective and agradable.Todos age groups and people with different skill levels can use Pilates 4000.Promotes the correct alignment of breathing and body, improves concentration and increases muscle strength and flexibility.

4. Half of Trapeze reformer: IT helps users to run all the exercises reformer and posturas.Aumenta resistance.Includes a Footer toolbar and additional 6 springs

5. Pilates Reformer Trapeze combination machine: allows the user to perform all exercises of reformer and postures, as well as exercises and acrobatics of the trapecio.Proporciona adjustable perfecta.Tiene in altura.viene five spring with springs encoded color and DVD training system stability

6 Pilates Professional reformer max machine: can be included in his home Studio gym and pilates.Se work your abdominals, thighs and buttocks and them fortalecen.El kit contains bar feet with 5 positions and training DVDs.

Using pilates machines restores the body, invigorates the mind and imagine the spirit.

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Facebook Yoga Giveaway-Week 2

My Yoga Online would like to thank everyone who has participated so far in our 4 Week Facebook Yoga Giveaway with Passport To Prana.  Congratulations to Carolyn Wilman who won the first week yoga pass giveaway.  From August 15 to September 11, we are inviting you to share your insights into yoga and wellness along with some fun challenges.  Each week, participants will have the chance to win a Passport To Prana card.  And a final grand prize of a 1 Year Membership to MyYogaOnline.com will be given away to one lucky participant.

Passport To Prana is the original multi-studio yoga pass giving you the opportunity to enjoy yoga classes at a variety of studios in major cities across the USA and Canada.  A great way to try different yoga studios and different styles of yoga at an affordable price.

*Each week, we will be posting a fun yoga question or challenge on MyYogaOnline’s community yoga blog.

*Share your answer to this yoga challenge on your Facebook page with a link to MyYogaOnline’s Facebook page (we welcome you to become a Facebook fan if not already!).

*MyYogaOnline will be giving away 1 Passport To Prana card each week for 4 weeks, so check our blog and Facebook page each week for the new yoga question and for more chances to win.

Name Your Favorite Standing Yoga Pose

On your Facebook page, name one of your favorite Standing Yoga Poses and also feel welcome to post a picture of you doing this yoga pose (optional).

Complete your Facebook entry as follows:

*Post your favorite standing yoga pose answer as directed above followed by the following text (manually type @My Yoga Online to create an active link to our Fan page):

“I joined the @My Yoga Online Giveaway.  You can join as well to win a free @Passport to Prana yoga class pass: http://www.myyogaonline.com/community/blog/4-week-facebook-yoga-giveaway  “

Additonal Giveway Details:

*giveaway begins August 15, 2010 and ends Saturday, September 11, 2010.  Four (4) Passport To Prana cards and one (1) one Year MyYogaOnline membership will be awarded.  Winners will be selected via randomn draw from valid entries (valid entries must have an active Facebook post with an active link to MyYogaOnline’s Facebook Fanpage as listed on any of the 4 MyYogaOnline giveaway community blog posts). 

Participants can enter as many times as desired with each of the 4 yoga challenge questions.  To create an active link and a valid entry post from your Facebook page to MyYogaOnline’s Fan page, type in directly @My Yoga Online with your entry (do not copy and paste).  Check MyYogaOnline’s Facebook Fanpage after submitting to see if your entry was posted well on the Fan page.

Winners will be announced at the end of each week (August 22, 2010, August 29, 2010, September 5, 2010, and September 12, 2010).  Prizes are not redeemable for cash value.  MyYogaOnline reserves the right to remove entry posts that are deemed inappropriate or offensive.

Passport To Prana

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

What is Pilates and what benefits Have For You?

Pilates is one of the most famous exercise routines in the modern world. Many people have already subscribed to philosophies and routines this exercise regimen and all for good reason. What is Pilates? To better understand what really is, you should learn where it all began.

It started with Joseph Pilates, the German this group exercises creator. Surprisingly, was weak as a child suffered from diseases such as rickets, asthma and even rheumatic fever.When he became a teenager, he decided to conquer these diseases through participation in body building and sports such as scuba diving, skiing and the gimnasia.Ahora, therefore, what is Pilates?

Being a captive during the first world war, focused on their free time in the improvement of Pilates exercises. In fact, he himself driving by teach interns with these new forms of exercise.Even bedridden patients bed were able to exercise, thanks to the innovative ideas of Pilates. used springs in hospital as the first version of its exercise machine beds. Such was the raw base for modern Pilates.

Pilates is all about poses, exercises and is extiende.Hay videos for beginner who could teach to make routines. Highly recommended are the Windsor and DVD Stott. These professionals for a long time have participated in which can now provide the correct learners as if Joseph Pilates, he is teaching Pilates exercises.

Pilates, routine requires constant practice, a little of your time and some space in your home or the gym. Only spend a small space on the floor, deploy their Pilates mat and already able to exercise those pounds away excess!In just half an hour, finished the period of time.

Pilates target not only the parts of normal body that want the majority of videos from exercise to carve such as the abs, thighs and buttocks.Pilates is all about total awareness of your body.With Pilates, become more agile, flexible, serene and enérgico.De done, is the best form of exercise for dance professionals and amateur sports.

Breathing and posture is essential to achieve a great exercise in Pilates.Mucho as yoga, too, can exert your mente.Es one of the best ways of exercises that you can participate en.Ejercer your mind, core and other parts of your body in only a few minutes each day - muscles schemes talk convenience!

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How to become the person you were meant to be

February 15, 2010 | 22 Comments

If you’re ready for positive change in your life (not just idle wishing and fantasizing about change) then you need
to watch this short video right now…

[Positive Change The Easy Way]

Seriously, whether you want to lose flab, find a better job, have a bigger bank balance, or just find that special someone to go through life with, I strongly suggest you give this a shot.

You see, my buddy Natalie Ledwell (one of the creators of Mind Movies) has come up with a systematic approach to truly finding happiness and fulfillment in life that is SO effective, it’s almost mind-boggling.

Natalie is one of the driving forces behind the Mind Movies phenomenon, so she does know just a bit about achieving success!

But the thing is, like most of us, she still struggled with some issues in life.

Specifically, she wanted to drop a few dress sizes and just couldn’t get there.

Yet she knew and believed all the main ideas behind the Secret and the Law of Attraction–but somehow she still couldn’t quite make her heartfelt desire to shed the extra poundage into a reality.

Frankly, it bugged the heck out of her!

So she went on her personal “vision quest” of sorts to see if she could find a way to solve this challenge. Because
from her work with so many people she knew she wasn’t alone in her dilemma.

If there’s one thing I can tell you about Natalie, it’s that she is an incredibly caring and generous person. She feels
it’s practically a calling to support other people who are seeking answers in their journey.

So what better way than to find a solution herself?

[This is the result!]

And don’t worry, this isn’t about some strange diet of nuts and berries, or an exotic exercise routine. That’s just
the surface issue–this goes much deeper than that and can be applied to ANYTHING you want to accomplish.

It’s exciting and inspiring too.

Because Natalie broke the code! She actually found the missing piece of the puzzle that you MUST have to make
the law of attraction work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

It’s shockingly simple, because it really all begins with just four simple steps.

And I don’t mean huge, painful, or impossible steps either. I mean truly SIMPLE and EASY steps you can begin today.

And the best part of this is that Natalie insists on making this available to anyone who is truly seeking the answers–so she is giving these four powerful steps away in this video:

[Natalie Gives It Away--The Four Simple Steps]

I watched her video several times, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m in!

I’m doing exactly what she so clearly outlines in the video. The question is, will you be in too? If you’ve got a goal (or two or three!) you sincerely want to accomplish, you should be.

Right off the bat, step #1 clarified so many things for me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it already, because it’s such an obvious first step–but hardly anyone does it.

At any rate, rather than go on and on about this in this message, I’d really recommend you just watch the video.

It’s short and to the point AND Natalie has three incredibly generous gifts for you too, just for watching the video.

[So Watch It Now!]

And let me know what you think about it, OK?

Raymond Chua signature

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Friday, 12 November 2010

New Online Yoga Studio Class with Cameron Gilley

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Hi Guys

New Online Yoga Studio Class with Cameron Gilley

My Yoga Online is continuing its' live studio yoga sessions with the latest yoga class by Cameron Gilley: Yoga for Heart Opening and Rejuvenation.  Join Cameron in this moderate level hatha yoga class that will leave you feeling expansive, deeply rejuvenated, and in touch with your body and mind. Cam discusses Ujaiyi breath, flows through a balanced sequence of yoga postures ending in the most important posture of all: savasana. Filmed at Semperviva Yoga Studios' Kits Beach location in Vancouver, BC.

About Cameron Gilley:

Cameron whole-heartedly believes in the transformative power of Yoga. Having received certification to teach Hatha Yoga in 2002, he has been passionately sharing in his search with students ever since. Drawing from his experience in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts, in each class Cam devotes his energy to creating a space for students to access their own innate presence through posture, flow, breath and awareness.

 Hatha, Yoga, Online Yoga Video, Heart Opening, yoga community

Guru Omar

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Decision Making On Money, Love, Work & Health: Why Decisions Errors Are Made

Decision MakingDecision making is something that happens throughout our day but with different degrees of importance, urgency and consequential outcomes.
Your life at this very moment is the result of every decision you have made along the way. There is no doubt how easy life will turn out to be, if we can make good decisions quickly and easily. But we both know that in reality decision making is not that clear cut!
Everyone makes wrong decisions sometimes or bad ones for that. I am sure you can recall moments where you said to yourself, “I wish I didn't make THAT decision”.
How many times have you heard stories about smart people making stupid decisions with their money? This happens all too often and baffles everyone. Have you ever wondered why intelligent, sensible people make such mistakes and rash decisions?

Guidelines, strategies that tell us how to make a decision. Sadly, it doesn’t always produce a correct answer. However, sometimes they are the reasons why people make the wrong decisions.

Given below are such 12 such heuristics, with reference to the book, Changing Minds In Detail. (A slight tilt towards psychology)

(Overconfidence barrier)Over confidence is feeling of exaggerated trust in someone or something, which is in decision making process, especially in evaluation of alternatives.
(Mood-Congruent Judgment)When we are in a good mood, we see the world in a more friendly light, and our judgments are more positive. Likewise, when we are grumpy we evaluate things around us as being bad.
(Prospect Theory)We tend to value a gain, that is certain more than a gain that is less than certain, even when the expected value of each is the same. The opposite is even truer for losses: we will clutch at straws to avoid a certain loss, even if it means taking even greater risks.
(Sunk-Cost Effect)We all know that we can reverse the past, and we can’t get back money or time that we already spent. But many people irrationally take sunk costs, time, money, or other resources which have already been spent and can't be recovered, into their decision making.
(Focusing Effect)When we are making judgments, we tend to weigh attributes and factors unevenly, putting more importance on some aspects and less on others.
This is typically due to factors such as stereotyping and schemas that we use that bring certain factors to mind and downplay others.
(Endowment Effect)The endowment effect, also known as “status quo bias”, is the phenomenon in which most people would demand a considerably higher price for a product that they own than they would be prepared to pay for it.
(Disconfirmation bias)When people are faced with evidence for and against their beliefs, they will be more likely to accept the evidence that supports their beliefs with little scrutiny yet criticize and reject that which disconfirms their beliefs.
(Bounded Rationality)We will try to logically understand things and make sensible choices. However, the world is large and complex, and we do not have the capacity to understand everything. We also have a limited time in which to make decisions.
(Ambiguity Effect)When people make decisions, sometimes they have a good understanding of the probability of something happening whilst other times the situation is ambiguous, whereby the probability of the event is unknown. In such situations, people are more likely to choose the former situation, preferring a known probability over an unknown probability.
(Availability Heuristic)We make a judgment based on what we can remember, rather than complete data. In particular, we use this for judging frequency or likelihood of events. Since we remember recent experiences or reports, then the news has a significant effect on our decisions.
(Biased sampling)When we need to make a decision and when we have very little real information about the subject in question, we will blithely base our decision on that very limited and hence biased sample.
For example, if we go to a restaurant for one meal and then someone asks us what the restaurant is like, we will give an authoritative pronouncement, based on that single experience.
(Gambler's Fallacy)I toss a coin and it comes down heads. I expect the next coin to be more likely to be tails than heads. It comes down heads. Now I am even more convinced that the subsequent coin will very likely be tails. If I am a betting person, I might double my bet each time, sure that I will walk away a winner.
(Hot Hand Phenomenon)When a person succeeds at something then they are more likely to succeed in subsequent attempts, whereas the truth is that they are still governed by the laws of chanced.
Whilst there is some truth in this in that a person may be particularly fit or their confidence is boosted by an initial success, the 'Hot Hand' phenomenon goes past this where people make assumptions that are statistically inaccurate.

Has your decision making been influenced by the above heuristics? Was the outcome good/bad ?

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Discover the advantages gained from Pilates workouts

Physical fitness has shown to provide a number of benefits for the human body. Among these amazing exercise attributes are improved especially health, weight loss, and stress relief, as well as leave one with a natural boost of energy. Today one of the most popular forms of exercise is pilates. Commonly enjoyed by celebrities, for a period of time in training Pilates afford the person with greater flexibility and better position along with the benefits of health that accompany people participating in physical activity. On the other hand, this type of exercise achieved these positive advantages without placing undue strain on your muscles or joints.

Originally designed by a man who was imprisoned during the 11th World War by the name of Joseph Pilates, this type of exercise was used to increase strength, endurance and maintain a mixture of inspiration of exercises of yoga, Zen Buddhism and the Roman and Greek soldiers, pilates workouts física.Tomado condition provided an amazing alternative to help maintain the physical and emotional health for many of the prisoners who were with Mr. Pilates.

As you take a look to pilates training, he or she will quickly notice that this form of exercise is a great combination of balance and stretching activities which aim to build the overall strength, resistance and the flexibilidad.Sin however, if one is committed to a specific regime of pilates for a period of time, he or she will reap the benefits that include lower legs and waist, as well as abdominal look flat.This creates a generally stronger core, more balanced tone and a healthier state of mind.

This innovative form of exercise reaches a wide range of individuals from the most conditioned athlete to those who are obese or ancianos.Los Pilates workouts can be customized to suit any age, physical condition, disability or the injury. through daily use of pilates, one can recover from injuries through the creation of the strength and flexibility, to maintain and improve flexibility and health who currently own, as well as see significant weigh the physicist pérdida.Independientemente current condition or place in life, pilates can be a great way to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The best team of Pilates - Pilates Original by Joseph Pilates Machines The

You have probably heard of Pilates, but you know that Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in the late 1800s? It was quite sick as a child and thus who devoted his life to improve their physical condition and health. In 1925 he moved to the United States and found followers in local dance New York community. He designed some machinery and equipment to help them with their training and their injuries.

Pilates reformer - an incredible piece of machinery and will definately improve your Pilates workout. All kinds of different exercises can be performed.What better way to Pilates that team developed by Joseph Pilates, himself? there are a number of inexpensive options such as Pilates Power Gym, but don’t have the versatility of the reformer.

The Magic Circle - also created by Joseph Pilates. There is a complete training routines matrix and many DVDs excellent, such as those produced by Stott, which focus on the use of Magic Circle exercises.You can train your arms and legs with facilidad.viene with handles and a comfortable grip.The magic circle is used in many Pilates programs from beginner to advanced.

If still has not taken a decision which type of Pilates that would like to use equipment always visit you your local gym and some of them give an oportunidad.De this way you can decide if really gives you the training esperas.Que that a piece of equipment is better that others is just that they will work in the body of different maneras.Todo what you choose won’t find a plethora of exercises and routines to be able to train with.

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Pilates Counteracts Sitting

Sex Pilates Yoga exercise

Hi Guys

Have you thought about Sex and Pilates!!!!

Okay so this is a touchy subject,but everyone wants to know if pilates and sex go hand in hand. After all,who doesn't want to be a great lover?The answer is that they DO go hand in hand.Why? Because everything that pilates achieves through its exercises is exactly what you and I need to excel in the bedroom(once the kids are asleep, that is...)

Let's talk basics here. What makes sex good? Firstly you need a compatible partner of course and the desire to have sex.

But after that you need:



Fit body

Controlled, smooth movements

And what do you want out of it?:

Great orgasms

To Last long

To maintain your stamina througout

Lets go through each of these factors...Pilates is great for improving flexibility.(and ultimately forces it throught the various exercises)

You develop amazing stamina through completing and holding many of the different positions during exercises and in between changes. A huge "must" for the great lover in training!

It creates a strong, upright and tension free body(exactly what you need for great sex) through a series of precise movements and exercises.

Blood flow increases in amount,speed and quality through pilates. The proper breathing exercises and constantly active body create blood flow you never dreamed of. Although you can't see this, you will certainly notice it!(I'm speaking to the guys here)You will posess much more control over your erections and will be able to maintain them for a greater period of time.

And something that a lot of people don't know is the ability of pilates to strengthen and make you aware of your pelvic muscles. This firstly increases your orgasms and secondly gives you much more control over when to have them.

Lastly the main goal of pilates is to strengthen the core muscles-Now if you have had sex before you will surely know how much work your stomach muscles do! Get these strong and you're in the right direction.

Ultimately, whether male or female, pilates serves as a vessel for amazing sex. If you can apply the movements,control,stamina,core muscle strength and flow of pilates into the bedroom, you will never leave it.Pilates and sex is a relatively new concept for many, but undoubtly one that will grow into a hit rapidly over time-So why don't you get the head start!.

Guru Omar

Pilates Vs Yoga...

Hi Guys

The age old question of PILATES vs YOGA..

Pilates vs yoga would go something like this.In the left corner wearing the new generation trunks we have Pilates.Fighting out of the right corner we have the veteran, Yoga.Lets get ready to rumble!!!This is one of the most eagerly awaited results by newcomers to these intertwining yet opposite practices.The truth is however, that they both serve similar outcome purposes,with few differentiating factors.Lets look a little closer at them.

Pilates and Yoga both seek to strengthen the body and improve well-being. However pilates concentrates specifically on the core where as yoga concentrates on general well-being.Pilates seeks to strengthen muscles and lengthen(straighten)the spine through physical activity where as yoga is more about linking the mind,body and spirit through various controlled,relaxed movements.Pilates is just over 80 years old and developed as a muscular rehabilitation program by german born Joseph Pilates. Yoga is over 5000 years old and developed for all round mind,body and spiritual fitness and well-being. Pilates makes use of many different types of equipment where as yoga is mainly focused around ground work with fewer equipment based exercises.

In conclusion- It's apparent that yoga is based on your inner self and finding peace and relaxation through meditation and related body movements. Pilates is more exercise intensive and seeks to develop a strong core and surrounding muscles whilst lengthening the spine. This all provides you with a more stress free, healthy lifestyle(not to mention super fit!)

It is therefore up to you as the individual to make your own decision. If you are having a hard time deciding then incorporate both! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Guru Omar

Time to go nude sunbathing - Natural Vit D produced by sunshine is the best for the human body

Hi Guys

HOW TO NATURALLY ENHANCE YOUR VIT D INTAKE....Sunbathe in the nude...why not do your pilates and yoga at the same time....multiple benefits

Basically there are two types of oral vitamin D supplements. The natural ones are D3, and they contain the same vitamin D your body makes when exposed to sunshine. The synthetic ones are vitamin D2, which are sometimes called ergocalciferol.

Once either form of the vitamin is in your body, it needs to be converted to a more active form. Vitamin D3 is converted 500 percent faster than vitamin D2. Interestingly, it was previously thought that the kidney exclusively performed this function, as least that is what I was taught in med school.

However, in 1998 Dr. Michael Hollick, the person who discovered activated vitamin D, showed that many other cells in your body can make this conversion, but they use it themselves, and it is only the kidney that makes enough to distribute to the rest of your body.

While there have been no clinical trials to date demonstrating conclusively that D2 prevents fractures, every clinical trial of D3 has shown it does.

However, nearly all the prescription-based supplements contain synthetic vitamin D2, which was first produced in the 1920s through ultraviolet exposure of foods. The process was patented and licensed to drug companies for use in prescription vitamins. In case you didn't know, the vitamin D that is added to milk is NOT D3 but the highly inferior vitamin D2.

The study linked above concluded that "vitamin D2 should no longer be regarded as a nutrient appropriate for supplementation or fortification of foods."

That being said, optimizing your sun exposure and levels of vitamin D3 may, indeed, be one of the most important physical steps you can take in support of your long-term health. Conventional medicine is finally beginning to get on board the vitamin-D3 bandwagon, using the natural power of sunshine to treat type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis during a woman's pregnancy and even tuberculosis.

It is important to understand that the ideal and STRONGLY preferred method of increasing your vitamin D3 level is through appropriate sun exposure. I really do not advise oral supplements, not even cod liver oil now, UNLESS you can have your blood levels regularly monitored.

Supplemental vitamin D comes in two forms: ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

They have generally been regarded as equivalent and interchangeable, but that notion is based on studies of rickets prevention in infants conducted seven decades ago.

Recent studies have shown that vitamin D3 is a more potent form of vitamin D. Vitamin D2 has a shorter shelf life, and its metabolites bind with protein poorly, making it less effective. One unit of cod liver oil (containing vitamin D3) has been shown to be as effective as four units of Viosterol (a medicinal preparation of vitamin D2).

However, the form of vitamin D used in prescriptions in North America is almost invariably vitamin D2.

It just is too risky. I have seen too many potentially dangerous elevations of vitamin D levels, including my own, from those that are taking oral supplements.

But when you get your vitamin D from appropriate sun exposure your body can indeed self-regulate and greatly reduce vitamin D production if you don't need it, which makes it very difficult to overdose on vitamin D from sun exposure.

Guru Omar


Monday, 8 November 2010

Pilates for Six Pack Abs

Worthwhile to determine the type of exercise that you are comfortable with. This can have two preferences generally. One is that you like to do work out exercises in your own home. The second set of individuals may be those who do their exercise in the gym. Most of you might be aware of Pilates and its usefulness in relation to the body. It is well known in fitness name. This form of exercise method is gaining popularity. And more and more people want to perform this method.

There is a relationship of yoga and Pilates. Both are similar in many respects. Both methods have one important thing in common, balance, and harmonization of the three aspects of human existence, the mind, body and spirit. Both try to achieve the correct procedures in the movements of the body. Each of them also designs better body positioning for a strong and graceful figure.They are different from each other, only regarding their modalidades. The Pilates method is chosen and preferred by many people that want to trim to downstream of six pack abs.

Yoga is more concentrated in the poses that regulate the mind and then makes cuerpo.Pilates company is more oriented to the physical preparation of the person. Therefore, there is no need to wonder why many players Ballet and athletes have added the Pilates to their fitness regimes.

First the Pilatos professionals were bedridden patients in bed.The founder of exercise, Joseph Pilates method was working as a nurse during the Mundial.Pilates Guerra devised method to help patients to strengthen their muscles stabilizer. Stabilizer muscles of supporting the spine. Deep breathing also became part of the method and the exercise was repeated over and over again.

The Pilates exercise can be performed by cualquiera.Pero original practice forming method Pilates is offered exclusively in some private in all rooms. Lawsuit in the federal court of the United States, the term Pilates entered in the general vocabulary was filed for intellectual property. Now you can use freely and is accessible to anyone who wants to use it. There are other variations of Pilates, such as methods of Windsor, Power, Stott, body balanced and physics of Pilate’s mind.

One has to follow the correct procedures for the realization of Pilates. The best method is to attend a class that will be taken by a professional instructor. One can rely on a certified instructor, having not less than 300 hours of Pilates training from a recognized institution. In addition, there are DVDs and video Pilate method to instruct. Available in the main shops.

The most fresh starts training method to know the six important principles.These six principles include focusing, centered, regulate, breathing, precision and flujo.Esto is taught over a period of six weeks butt.In the immediate wake of muscle memory it gets fixed in mind, introducing accuracy and smoothness of motion.As one continues at a rapid pace, many factors in the body get better.Will increase the current intensity it, increases the resistance of the addition of variations more complicadas.No is a good idea to stick only to the concepts básicos.Uno must go beyond the basics, add to the variety and diversify the training regime.

Statements have to be repeated over many times. make sure that you follow every single instruction.The method if followed correctly, will produce results positively ver quickly and you will notice that the six pack abs starting to take shape.

Guru Omar

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Wall Yin Yoga-Quiet Expansion of Mind and Body

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Wall Yin Yoga-Quiet Expansion of Mind and Body

We often hear in Yoga how we can use the earth as support to release and expand into.  But how about using a wall for this same sense of opening?  My Yoga Online has released a new online yoga video with Yin Yoga expert, Bernie Clark: Wall Yin.

This yoga class is a quiet Yin Yoga practice that utilizes the support of a wall. This is a gentle way to get into our deeper connective tissues and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest system). The relaxing nature of this class is enhanced by the healings sounds of crystal bowls.

Click to watch Wall Yin Yoga.

About Bernie:

Bernie Clark has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1998. He has a bachelor degree in Science from the University of Waterloo and combines his intense interest in yoga with an understanding of the scientific approach to investigating the nature of things. His ongoing studies have taken him deeply inside mythology, comparative religions and psychology. All of these avenues of exploration have clarified his understanding of the ancient Eastern practices of yoga and meditation. His teaching, workshops and books have helped many students broaden their own understanding of health, life and the source of true joy.

 Restorative Yoga, Release Tension, Relieve Stress, Yoga for Beginners, yin yoga

Guru Omar

Rehab Pilates

Friday, 5 November 2010

Pilates - the advantages of starting a Pilates program weight loss

In order to work efficiently your body needs daily strenuous exercise. Most people do not get it, and that’s why you feel down. Life is occupied and filled with countless household chores. It is no wonder that people forget to exercise. Here is where makes Pilates and not takes a long time of start to feel the benefits.

You will need to learn how to perform the poses, stretching and exercises. A Windsor, Stott, or other Pilates DVD with professional instruction seems to be very beneficial.This way you can follow along while you watch, make adjustments on the marcha.Si are enthusiast you can use a mirror to see if its position is the same as Pilates teachers in the video.

What is fantastic envelope making a Pilates routine is that not a gimnasio.Hay fantasy team needs some teams, such as the magic circle and Aero reformer but if you are just learning to Pilates to everything that is a Pilates mat. Find a good quality mat and something which is slip resistant.

If the basic routine gets a little bland, is time to mix things a bit.Find a few good Pilates DVD from your collection to spice things up a bit and exercise areas of the body that you believe need to work algunos.No there is no reason to get bored with so many variations. Don’t forget that stretching is also an excellent way to extend and strengthen the muscles.There is nothing wrong with adding a stretching session to your weekly routine.

Find many as starting a program, but few persisted with her.Imagine, how many years you’ve lived with bad habits? so that your body at least a couple of months to find health and healing. they say that it takes about three months before start good habits to be formed by which to start a program I would test it during at least three found meses.He Pilates exercise to be very sure will be gratificante.Estoy too.

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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Home accessories - Pilates why Pilates and Yoga Mats offer you additional security during application

Pilates is a method of exercise that focuses primarily on the promotion of physical harmony and balance and improving flexibility and strength to the body.

Includes a series of controlled movements.This will help you feel refreshed and alert with a sense of mental well-being and físico.estos exercises help the body to be strong and realigned, with movement in general position.

These programs of Pilates exercises improve the quality of life for people of all ages with their skill levels.These are very popular methods of exercising all the mundo.Similar other types of workouts, the Pilates exercise method also requires some types of computers, not to mention proper instruction.Pilates mats are important among them.

Pilates exercises centered around six basic principles that are the basis for the programa.Los principles are:

(1) Center
(2) Concentration of
(3) Control of
(4) Accuracy of
(5) Breathing
(6) Flowing motion

Supine respiration, cat, sun salutations stretch him etc. are some of the important steps of Pilates exercise program.

Pilates Yoga mats are a versatile tool that can help any home fitness program and is an essential element to begin your collection of computer Pilates.pueden Home used to increase the comfort of any exercise program in casa.Si you have a hard floor to the floor and stretching exercises, these matting can come really helpful. light and soft mats provide a comfortable cushion which is slip resistant.

Beginners need instructions suitable for alignments appropriate and techniques with the Pilates method of ejercicio.pueden these instructions in many ways diferentes.pueden do attending classes, because it is the best way to understand the técnicas.Por unfortunately, not many people find this option as a convenient.

As such, some people would like to make a mat of Pilate training from your home.The good news for them is to obtain the live demonstration and instruction DVDs. Pilates training DVDs are very popular in the market and are available for any skill level.Search for a program of Stott Pilates Mat DVD or DVD Pilates mat.However, the mat Pilates is very important to perform exercises like yoga and other exercises of floor of his house and is an essential part of his collection of home equipment Pilates.

Good Pilates mats feature are as follows:

1) Has on material natural rubber quality
(2) They need to be environmental and which must be manufactured without PVC plasticizers dangerous phthalate or other heavy metals
(3) Must be more convenient to carry by which you can easily carry it to your gym, yoga classes, or Pilates classes classes
(4) That needs to be safe and should not cause any damage to the body or skin
(5) Warm and soft
(6) Must be comfortable, durable, lightweight, washable
(7) Should be non-slip and adhesive surface for safety

Yoga mat is not only safe for your health and our environment but also ensures better performance that deserves its práctica.Algunas companies allow you to print your logo, but only at your request. These rugs are available in different color size and grosor.El thickness can be 1 cm, 2 cm.Una etc/105 mm thick Pilates mat is more important for your safety and comfort of training.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Different types of Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercise which was developed in Germany by a man named Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century. Pilates referred to its new creation exercise as contrology because it was its belief that this exercise uses the power of the mind to control the muscles. Today, there are more than 11 million people to practice what is now called Pilates, including celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Oprah Winfrey. There are several different types of these workouts. So if you’re a beginner who want to take a crack at this system of physical fitness, which focuses on the core postural muscles or if you’re a Pilates pro is trying to change up your routine standard, have come to the right place. This article examines three different types of Pilates, Stott Pilates, Power Pilates and Yoga Pilates.

Stott Pilates is a great choice because it serves as a great compliment to the cardiovascular exercise and is considered one of the few systems aptitude which has the ability to last a lifetime. Stott Pilates using special equipment and is performed on a mat. Its main concentration found in breathing, conditioning body awareness and kernel.A key component of the system of fitness Pilates generally is spreading and Stott Pilates offers a safe and very effective way of hacerlo.Además, Stott Pilates strengthens and tones of your body without creating a bulky appearance or add too much pressure to the joints.

Another type of Pilates to choose is Power Pilates.This variation is similar to yoga except that considering that yoga places paramount importance on meditation and mind, Power Pilates views muscle building to be as important as learning to control the powers of the mente.Además in Power Pilates, you don’t have to be as flexible as does it in yoga to reap all the benefits. Pilates can also typically requires the use of different pieces of equipment to properly perform the movements and it is recommended that you take from 12 to 36 hours of classes value each week to maximize your results.

A third type is Yoga Pilates.Probably you might have guessed, the Foundation for this type of Pilates is the practice of the same yoga.All than with these types of Pilates, Yoga Pilates focuses on flexibility and core force but this variation is a quieter pace and calls for careful attention to breathing, what should be done slowly and deeply.

No matter what type of Pilates you choose, there are enormous benefits to be gained from any form of this type of exercise.

Guru Omar

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Less Busy, More Productive – Is It Possible?

Less Busy, More ProductiveOur lives seem to be getting busier each day; from the time we wake up, there are endless tasks to be done… work, meetings, emails, errands, chores,.. to many other routine things. Irrespective of all the advice on "Get More Done In Less Time", being busy has become a norm.

In reality, Just because you're "busy" doesn't mean you're getting real work done.
Being busy creates stress (most of the time), while productivity creates a feeling of accomplishment.
Being busy makes time fly. On the other hand, if you are productive, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you got done.
Indeed, there is a very distinct difference between being busy and being productive. To some, That may be a blinding glimpse of the obvious. Yet so many continue to be busy, busy, busy and at the end of the day, you wonder why you have not achieved much; why you are not as productive as you’d like to be.

Although you can’t be productive every moment, being aware of the difference between being busy and being productive can make you more effective and help you get more done. Continual busyness eventually leads to stress, particularly if results are minimal.

I don’t have a sophisticated productivity solution to offer. My suggestion is rather simple..
With each activity ask yourself:

If the answer is yes, you are on the right path.
For those of you who said, "No",
1. Do something more productive or
2. Continue to do whatever it is you’re doing, but at least acknowledge that you’re not being productive! Trust me, if you really look at that question and answer it honestly, you’ll walk away with some pretty good information for what you should be really doing.

I invite you to consider devoting a few minutes today to check over your task list, or to reflecting on how you spent your time last week, and ask… “Am I busy, or am I productive?”

Do you have any suggestions for folks who are struggling to be less busy and more productive?

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Monday, 1 November 2010

Ginger showing promise for relieving muscle pain.

Ginger Root Ginger Root

While ginger has been used for centuries for relieving a range of medical problems such as nausea, new research shows it can also help ease the pain caused by a wide range of exercise from gym workouts to housework to gardening.

Researchers at the University of Georgia have found that a daily dose of ginger can relieve pain by as much as 25 percent after exercise.

From The Journal Of Pain – Perspective:
This study demonstrates that daily consumption of raw and heat-treated ginger resulted in moderate-to-large reductions in muscle pain following exercise-induced muscle injury. Our findings agree with those showing hypoalgesic effects of ginger in osteoarthritis patients and further demonstrate ginger’s effectiveness as a pain reliever.

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory chemicals, and previous studies have shown these chemicals are effective in relieving the pain of arthritis in ways similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D. led two studies, sponsored by McCormick Science Institute, that investigated the ability of ginger to relieve muscle pain. Participants in the studies, two groups of 34 and 40 volunteers, respectively, were given capsules containing two grams of either raw or heat-treated ginger, or a placebo for 11 consecutive days. On the eighth day, they performed exercises that caused moderate muscle injury to the arm. Arm function, inflammation, pain, and a biochemical involved in pain were measured prior to and for three days after exercise.

Both raw and heat-treated ginger lowered the pain by 25 percent.

“The economic and personal costs of pain are extremely high,” O’Connor said in a statement. “Anything that can truly relieve this type of pain will be greatly welcomed by the many people who are experiencing it.”

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