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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Yoga Martial Arts Fusion: The Dragon Dance Series

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Posted on December 28th, 2010

Yoga Martial Arts Fusion: The Dragon Dance Series

My Yoga Online is excited to have added a new Martial Arts Yoga fusion series with Bernie Clark.  The Dragon Dance series is presented in various engaging styles.  The Dragon Dance series is a blend of Indian and Daoist yoga, designed to stimulate the flow of energy (prana or chi) through directed awareness and vigorous movements. Great for people who want a vigorous workout and to experience this mystical thing called “energy.” It is a whole body work out, and will even challenge your ego.

Flexibility is not just a physical quality; we also need flexible minds. The flow is inspired by the fertile teachings of Paul and Suzee Grilley. We build up to the full sized dragon in cycles and stages. The ultimate stage is dragon’s fire. Then we investigate the flow in a yin manner, holding each position for a few breaths. Finally, we cool down with the Golden Seed.

Click watch the Dragon Dance series:

The Dragon Dance

The Dragon Dance: Yang Dragon

The Dragon Dance: Yin Dragon

The Dragon Dance: Golden Seed

About Bernie Clark:

Bernie Clark has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1998. He has a bachelor degree in Science from the University of Waterloo and combines his intense interest in yoga with an understanding of the scientific approach to investigating the nature of things. His ongoing studies have taken him deeply inside mythology, comparative religions and psychology. All of these avenues of exploration have clarified his understanding of the ancient Eastern practices of yoga and meditation. His teaching, workshops and books have helped many students broaden their own understanding of health, life and the source of true joy.

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