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Monday, 4 April 2011

Yoga for Better Sleep Video Series

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Posted on November 29th, 2010

Yoga for Better Sleep Video Series

My Yoga Online is excited to have a new series of yoga videos and workshops geared towards promoting better sleep and restful recovery.  From Hatha to Kundalini Yoga, enjoy these latest videos by our expert teachers.

Get Set For A Good Sleep with Marla Waal

*This evening class is a gentle unwind to let go of the day and soothe into restful sleep. Great for people having trouble sleeping or turning 'off' after work or school. Have some pillows near by - click to watch Get Ready For A Good Sleep

Sunset Flow for Relaxation with Mara Branscombe

*This 20 minute sunset flow is for ultimate relaxation. The class is designed to de-stress your mind and deeply relax your body while gaining flexibility. Great for people who are stressed, or having anxiety or trouble sleeping - click to watch Sunset Flow for Relaxation

Improving Sleep Workshop with Dr. Miranda Demierre

*Doctor Miranda Demierre shares her tips on how to maximize your sleep - click to watch Improving Sleep Video

Kundalini Yoga for Insomnia with Lindsey Lewis

*This short but powerful Kundalini set will ease the tension in your body, calm your mind, and enable you to find deep sleep. It can be done before bed, or in the middle of the night. Honour your body. Go beyond your mind. Try to complete the set as-is. If you need to modify it, please do: Try tucking your chin instead of letting your head drop back in tabletop pose, or switching to Sukhasana (cross-legged) instead of Vajrasana (kneeling rock pose) - click to watch Kundalini Yoga for Insomnia

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