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Monday, 16 May 2011

The Power of Question

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions and as a result, they get better answers.” – Anthony Robbins

Why am I so stupid?

Why I always meet the wrong guy?

What’s wrong with me?

Why I never learn?

Why am I so poor?

Those are some of the questions I often hear from others. Do you ask yourself the very same questions too? Or you ask yourself a better question? How do you feel when you ask yourself these questions?

When you put out a question, you’ll attract the answer. That’s the Law of Attraction.

Whatever question you ask to yourself, your brain will find you an answer because you attract it.

If you ask yourself a quality question, your brain will find you quality answer.

If you ask yourself a lousy question, your brain will find you lousy answer.

If you ask yourself a crappy question, your brain will find you crappy answer.

It’s that simple.

So, be careful of what you attract into your mind.

If you ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” Guess what? Your brain will find everything that’s wrong with you (even it’s not true sometimes). It doesn’t care whether the answer is correct or not. It just simply finds you the answer based on what you ask.

You get the answer because you attract it.

Now, what will that do to you? What will that do to your emotion? What will that do to your feeling? What will that do to your self-confidence? Think for a moment before you continue.

Let us change the perspective now.

What if you ask yourself, “How I can improve myself?”

When you begin to ask quality question, your brain will find or attract quality answer to you because that’s how it operates.

Your brain will begin to find ways for you to improve yourself.

Here’s another example from Robert Kiyosaki (This is my favorite example actually) in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Robert says, whenever his poor dad come across something that they want to buy, he’ll always say, “I can’t afford it” while his rich dad will always ask, “How can I afford it?”

Do you get what I mean here now? Both are facing the same situation BUT the way they react to the situation triggers different neurons in their brain and thus produce a totally different result which leads to the difference in the quality of their lives.

Here’s what I want you to do. Are you ready?

Ask yourself 5 quality questions everyday for the next 30 days and see how your brain begins to work differently.

Check this mind power resources if you want to maximize the potential and the power of your mind to your own benefit.

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Use the power of the Law of Attraction effectively!

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