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Friday, 24 June 2011

Would You Help Others Succeed Without Expectations?

I was at a singing recital last Saturday and got to witness some awesome singing. It was mostly solo singling with a piano accompaniment. The singing was truly dessert for the ears! I noticed that the pianist was also talented, however the center stage spotlight was for the singer. When the song ended everyone applauded, including the pianist. The pianist looked happy and her applause seemed genuine.

This small event, made me think about how we support and applaud others.
Sometimes, it’s equally rewarding to see that the effort you willingly put in to help someone, has built the foundation for that person to succeed.

If you read this blog with any regularity hopefully you know that I am a believer in helping others succeed by giving with no expectation of return.

All of us are “programmed” to expect something in return. It might be appreciation, reward or something in return, that would validate the help you give someone succeed. So helping someone without expectations doesn't come naturally. (Not even to me!)
Sure, there have been plenty of times where certain help goes unnoticed or taken advantage of.

There is nothing wrong in reciprocating a good deed or a favor. Indeed, we make a living and the economy is revolved around the supply and demand => "give and take". So I am not saying that you should do everything with nothing in return! It simply doesn’t work that way.

"When, and if, you do for me, I’ll do for you."
Is that the attitude you have? Are you one of those people who wait for others to go first?

I have found that the more I give and help, the more I receive. However, that’s not the reason for giving and helping others and I hope it’s not yours. Indeed,Good Deeds Get Rewarded (Even Here On Planet Earth!).

The best reason for giving and helping is the basic joy of making a difference in other people’s lives. To me, it feels good, to have helped someone and see them succeed.

Before you leave this post, I would like you to ask yourself, the following

What are the best ways for me to help, other people see success?
Do just that and help someone else be successful...

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