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Monday, 22 August 2011

8 Tips to Help You Boost Your Energy

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Posted on April 11th, 2011

8 Tips to Help You Boost Your Energy

Life is better when we have the energy to meet the challenges, opportunities and experiences that come our way. But, for a variety of reasons, we don’t always have that energy. We feel tired, drained, like we just want to take a nap.

That’s why we created My Yoga Online’s Energy Boost Whole Health Program. We understand that everyone could use a little—or big—energy boost. So we’re sharing eight of our favourite energy boost tips here, and eight more are on the way over the next eight days on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss ‘em!

Energy and stress. Your stress level has a direct impact on your energy. There will be lots of tips on how to manage stress as you move through the program. It might serve you to keep a stress diary. Try recording your activities and your reaction to them throughout the day.Yoga—and and the mindfulness, deep breathing, and physical activity that are a part of it—counteracts the overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system’s stress response. Need a reminder of what this response entails?Try a seated twist. Cleanse the body of wound-up energy; rejuvenate and calm the nervous system; relax back muscles, spine, shoulders, neck and hips. How-to: Sit cross-legged and place a blanket under your hips for support. Lengthen the crown of your head up to the sky. Inhale and reach your hands up, turning to the right as you exhale your hands down the floor, right hand behind you, left hand on your right knee. Breathe into this, inhaling to lengthen your spine, exhaling to deepen into your twist. Take five breaths here, then twist to the other side and do the same.Eat for energy. Stay away from sugary cereals and white flour bagels. Start your day right. We suggest whole grain cereals like steal-cut oats or old-fashioned oatmeal; lean protein such as an egg or some almonds—preferably raw; or a greens, berries, and ground seeds smoothie with whey, hemp, or rice protein powder.Sleep for energy. Hide electronic lights, use calming colours, and don’t have anything in your bedroom that’s stimulating—that includes TV, cell phones, and computers.Live for energy. Try minimizing the time you spend doing two things at once: Make phone calls before you get in your car; check your email for a set amount of time, but not all the time; don’t IM while working—focus on the conversation and get it done and over with; and try not to check your Blackberry or iPhone during a meeting. When we ask our mind-body to send energy to multiple places at once, it can be draining.Get hot, then cold. Many believe a hot-cold form of hydrotherapy, practiced by the Finns for the past 2,000 years, can strengthen immunity, increase circulation, and stimulate your whole body. Before you get out of the shower, try this: Turn the hot water to cold for a few seconds, 30 if you can, a few times.Don’t sit still. Well, we do recommend sitting still, of course. It’s an essential part of maintaining your energy. But many of us sit for too long during the day. So stand up more often, maybe two or three times an hour. If you work in an office, get up to stretch, print something, confirm something in-person with a co-worker, or go to the bathroom. Bonus: If you stand up for just one extra hour a day you’ll burn an extra 5,000 calories in a year.

For more tips on how to tap into the energy you need to live your best life, connect with My Yoga Online on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be posting tips there regularly over the next eight days.

The My Yoga Online Whole Health Programs are the pro-active solutions project of love, headed up by yoga teacher-turned wellness business woman Michelle Trantina, co-founder of My Yoga Online. Conceived as a way to help busy people live truly healthy lives, Michelle created the programs with a physician, a group of carefully selected wellness practitioners, and the help of her colleagues—yoga teachers and whole health aficionados Kreg Weiss (also co-founder of My Yoga Online) and Lindsey Lewis.

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