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Thursday, 18 August 2011

The techniques common fitness training of modern day Pilates

With Pilates became one of the forms faster growth of exercise fitness has received much attention in television, radio and even stars as Daisy Fuentes. From Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates, a German national, there have been many different techniques developed, such as the popular techniques of Mari Winsor, Stott Pilates and even power Pilates.

Although there are many versions and techniques developed Pilate workouts each version focuses on core developed by Joseph Pilates.El goal of this article is to explore the basic movements and a modernday Pilates training techniques.


At the core of a Pilates training is that it extends and building flexibility to relieve stress on the joints and the muscles. the unique thing about stretching that most people don’t realize is that stretching is a very good exercise for the construction of the muscles, as well. Stretching also help to prevent injury, which is a common reason for people who use of Pilate reported a low incidence of injury while working.

Body and mind

Construction of a solid body and mind is another technique of core of the Pilates method of training. From offering Pilates movements that construction people of muscle tone and strength through Pilates find a benefit of huge fitness training.Unlike yoga which focuses more on stretching, Pilates aims to build muscle tone with the avant-garde movements.In addition, Pilates workouts breathing techniques are used to increase the flow of blood to the brain which, ultimately, the circulation in the body and removes toxins.


The average training such as sit or push ups is focused on a particular muscle.Workouts of Pilate focus on total body movements that work throughout the cuerpo.Esto allows many people to get a complete workout, but especially provides a balanced approach that aligns the cuerpo.Esta help people practicing Pilates develop a better posture on movements that help the core of the cuerpo.TambiƩn gained strength in training a Pilate help improve the way the body that ultimately improves posture.


Unlike other exercises in stretching Pilates workouts that seek to improve the movement of its cuerpo.Desde works of Pilate your body with many movements the muscles that support the joints become more fuertes.El these muscles stretch allows you to become more elastic and the combination of these two does his body smoother motion.

In general the Pilates is a total training of the body that provides benefits for body and mind by helping to relieve stress, improve posture, muscle strength and flexibility and, ultimately, helping a more balanced life.

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