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Sunday, 4 September 2011

12 Books On Blogging I Plan To Read This Year To Improve My Blogging

In my new year motivation post, I mentioned that we all could do with a little more reading. I also mentioned that I plan to read at least 3 books per month; 36 books in 2011. This would be an average number of books by most people’s standard. However, for someone who reads about 12 books each year, this would be a giant leap! Anyways, I was very selective in what I wanted to read.
I decided to focus books on 3 main areas

1. Blogging (blogging itself, writing, marketing, web analytics, affiliate marketing etc)
2. Personal development (Attitude, innovation, finance etc)
3. Career (technical, leadership, management etc)

I thought of writing separate posts on each category, listing each book. Once I read the book, I will write a review post. That way, I am publicly making myself accountable!

This post will focus on the list of books I selected, to improve my blogging.

Why I want to read this book
I have been an ardent reader of Darren’s blog problogger for over 4 years. I think I even started Enhance Life, because I wanted to try out blogging. Anyways, his blog offers a wealth of information and I believe the book would have the same standard. Also, when I type “blogging” in the amazon.com search page, this is the first book that’s listed! Also, the book is selling well, it must be good!

Why I want to read this book
A few weeks ago, I started using the software Xmind, for idea generation for my blog posts. Idea mapping has an effortless way of putting things together and it makes my writing easier. So I want to invest some more time on idea mapping and learn it further.

Why I want to read this book
I want to improve my writing. This is one of those classic books on the “writing attitude” recommended by the top writing gurus.
I have also gone through several reviews of this book. It seems to be living up to its expectations.

Why I want to read this book
Apart from EnhanceLife (this blog), I write a few other blogs. This blog is more or less a “my hobby” blog so I rarely monetize this blog. I have a few advertisements here and there, just so I could cover the hosting costs. However, I want to use my other blogs to promote more products and this book is one of the best books, in affiliate marketing, I am told!

Why I want to read this book
I rarely spend time promoting my blogs. I am not actively involved in social media etc and I know I could have more readers if I know how to or rather the art of marketing a blog.

Why I want to read this book
I mentioned before that I have a full time job at an software firm. Last December, I had a vacation of about 2 and half weeks. Out of which I dedicated a few days to writing. I did nothing but work on blogging and I enjoyed it; it felt good.

By reading this book, I hope to get some insight on being a online entrepreneur. The by line of the book says, How to start and grow a successful online business without quitting your day job. Sounds just about right!

by Kenneth W. Davis
Why I want to read this book
I don't know how this landed on my hardisk. I must have downloaded this free ebook from somewhere! Manage Your Writing is a guide to a more effective, and efficient, business writing process. It’s more about “shaping your writing”. For someone who hated writing essays and got an average grade in school (ahem), I think this book is never too late to visit!
Why I want to read this book
When I write a blog post, I don’t obsess over keywords, headlines, long tail keywords etc. At least not in this blog! Surely, you will know that this blog post it not SEO optimized at all.
That doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I am hoping this book guide me on the theoretical aspects of Search Engine Optimization as well as how put it to daily practice.
Why I want to read this book

The introduction of this book mentions,

This book is about Google.
This book is about marketing.
This book is about how you can learn from all the companies out there Googling themselves.
Everything I know about marketing I learned from Google.
So can you.
Well, most of the readers that visit my blog are directed via google. It motivated me want to learn a bit more about how Google goes about doing things. Also, being in the software sector, I never took any marketing lectures. So I am hoping I will learn and thing or two on marketing as well.

Why I want to read this book
At the moment, I don’t analyze the data (number of visitors, where they come from etc) related to my blogs. I just stick to the default reports, sitemeter or google analytics provide. But I know I could do a lot more beyond the basics, with Web Analytics. Thus, this book is an attempt to educate myself more on Web Analytics.

Why I want to read this book
A bit similar to what I mentioned earlier. I don’t have a marketing or sales background. Additionally, it would be good to know more about the “online specifics” about what drives people to buy, not buy etc

12. [need one more]
Well, I’ve intentionally kept this blank because I am bound to run into a book I might want to read within the year. Also, if you have any other book recommendation for me, please leave a comment and let me know.

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