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Thursday, 15 September 2011

7 Christmas Song Albums You Must Listen To This Christmas

Every where it goes, it seems like you hear some Christmas song or another. While some of them are just mediocre, there a few good Christmas song albums that stand out well above the rest.

Yesterday, I just tweeted about one such awesome Christmas album, and it seems a lot of my tweet people :-) liked it, and some even asked for more recommendations.
So I thought of putting together a post with my pick of Christmas song albums.

During my life time, I have heard many versions of the popular Christmas Song, Drummer Boy. You might laugh when I say this, but when I heard Josh Groban’s version of this song and his voice... it sent shivers down my spine!

All in all, Josh Groban's voice blends beautifully with the intricate and complex arrangements. Indeed, Josh Groban has a most soothing and angelic tone and Noel, brings this out well.

The Christmas song I liked the most was, White is in the Winter Night. It is has a calming effect and it's a sparkling Christmas track which open up the holiday feeling.

While it contains many Christmas songs, I consider it a seasonal release as many of the songs range beyond just the Christmas day.

I have been a fan of David Archuleta since his American Idol days. David sings with heartfelt and genuine conviction, and that's a hallmark for this Christmas album too.

Apart from the Christmas songs I was used to hearing, I got to know some new French Christmas songs too! Pat-A-Pan was such a fun, upbeat song and even though I didn't understand a word of it, it still remains my favorite of the album!

I was so blown away! The hard rock on the electric guitar, the rocking drums, and just rocking hard, but sill keeping the Holiday spirit alive with our favorite songs! This album takes Christmas music and puts a new, much needed twist on it.
Everyone has their all time favorite Christmas albums and this is in the top few around our house, and has been there since it's release. This Christmas album was recommended to me by a friend several years ago.
Apart from the songs we are used to hearing there was one song which is not that heard of, I Need a Silent Night.

I now, in turn, recommend it to anyone who needs a beautiful Christmas album to keep them in the TRUE Christmas spirit.

When you are you are emotionally exhausted by Christmas music, this is an album you would want to listen. It is more of a winter album than a Christmas album. It is such a great complement to the season of winter(for the part of world that has winter!), as it restores the balance by tugging in a direction opposite to that of Christmas music.
Sometimes, it can get a bit repetitive listening to the same lyrics during Christmas. So, I tend to mix it up with some instrumental Christmas albums.

All the Christmas standards are here, all in instrumental form (which is hard to find these days). Even if you aren't a classical music fan you will find these renditions exciting and fitting for any Christmas occasion.

I am on the look out for more Christmas albums to add to my collection. What's your all time favorite Christmas song Album? Leave a comment, let me know.

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