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Sunday, 2 October 2011

6 Reasons People Are Never Satisfied With What They Have

Reasons People Are Never SatisfiedThe local radio station I was tuned into this morning had a short discussion about the reasons people are never satisfied. It went on to reveal that a study has found that the richest people on earth are the most unhappiest!

You and I may not fall into the richest people on earth (ahem..), but still, would you consider yourself satisfied with what you have?

Have you ever wondered why even after you bought some items you have always wanted, soon after you find yourself wanting something else?
Think tank: why are we never satisfied with what we have?

Here are some thoughts from the radio show, along with my own musings....

Sounds funny don't you think? Or perhaps, a pessimistic comment. I doubt that personal development gurus will agree with this one. Leave a comment, I'd like to know what you think. Jim Collins (famous business author), in his newest title, How The Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In, terms this as "The Undisciplined Pursuit of More"

Even if the current condition keeps on improving, the desire to have more continue to grow. Therefore, in order to feel satisfied we got to have everything we currently missing, to the point that there is nothing we can want anymore. Hm.. mathematically possible :-) But is it realistic?

I tend to partly agree with this one. If you look at innovations in the past, you'll find a back story where someone was not satisfied with something! I think that the desire for more is what keeps us moving forward. We all need something to strive for. This may not necessarily be monetary; it can be more knowledge, better health, etc.

So basically, if you were truly satisfied with something, its unlikely that you would be motivated to do more?

What you have right now, could be what someone else may want. (in a literal sense) For example, you may have a loving family etc and there may be someone out that who would think that that's their ideal happiness. Sometime ago I wrote a post on, Expectations: Is It A Human Weakness?
It generate some interesting discussions via comments.
Lydia said...
We will always have expectations. It is the prediction of the (often uncertain) future based on what we know and the passed, in order to make ourselves feel more certain in the face of the unknown.
Be clear about what you want, what you expect, the outcome, expect the best, but then know that what ever happens it is always for the best and if it does not work out how we expect at the time, there is a bigger plan in place that we may not yet be able to see that is greater then the picture in our minds.

It seemed that lot of people tend to take decisions surrounding monitory gains. We don’t stop to do the things we were meant to do, because those things usually don’t produce the amount of money we'd like.

Let's discuss.. what are your thoughts?

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