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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Apr 18, Partner up with Pilates

by Dianne Rose
(Asheville NC)

I recently heard one of my clients say that she started dating again.
She was nervous at first but because she felt better about her
body and her clothes fit her more comfortably, that gave her the
confidence she needed. She realized with this dramatic change,
her Pilates workout has become a way of life.

Feeling better in our bodies naturally gives us a sense of
confidence and overall well being. With regular Pilates practice
your energy levels will increase, your body image improves and stress is managed much more efficiently

Pilates is also something you can share with a partner or a small
group of people. Couples enjoy sharing their Pilates sessions, it?s
a bonding experience knowing that you are on the same path of
health together.

Some of the benefits include a flat tummy,
improved posture, strong thighs and rear. When these exercises
are done regularly you will find it more comfortable to sit and
stand straighter, with your new body awareness you will carry less
tension in your neck and shoulders.

Joseph Pilates the founder of these exercises believed the better
we look, the better we feel about ourselves. He understood that
what is referred to as the core or the powerhouse is the pelvic floor,
the hip, abs, and the lumbar. Generating movement, circulation,
breath, strength and flexibility from your center will also improve
sexual performance.

One of the principals of Pilates is fewer repetitions. Once you
recruit the desired muscles with focused intention the movement
creates a deeper body awareness. You won?t have the effects of
wear and tear and mindless repetition.

The pelvic tilt is a subtle move, when done correctly with proper
instruction you will create a stronger more toned center. You
incorporate muscles internally and externally with emphasis on
isolation, alignment, breath and quality of movement. The pelvic
floor muscles, known as the Kegel , pull up and in, the transverse
abdominals, below the belly button engage with the breath creating
a flatter stronger torso. There is a sense of working the body from
the inside out. The mind tunes into an awareness of working from
a deeper place.

Our larger muscles tend to take over and generate most of our
movements; this can cause stress and overuse of certain body parts.
Pilates allows you to tune in and find muscles you didn?t know you
had, creating a stronger, balanced more symmetric body

?Wow? said Margaret Mary, a Pilates client in her 70?s, as she
lay back down completing a challenging Pilates move, ?I feel like
dying my hair!? Of course we had a good laugh; her great wit is
stimulated by her new body awareness.

Pilates is for everyone, any age or fitness level. Your current
health status will determine what type of Pilates exercises will be
appropriate for you, but don?t underestimate the benefits of tuning
in and becoming aware of a new you in a new body.

When we feel better about our bodies we naturally feel better about

Rose Pilates Studio offers several options and combinations
of mat classes and equipment sessions to provide variety and

Dianne Rose is the owner of Rose Pilates in Asheville NC.
Her studio is located at 670 Weaverville Hwy.
We offer group equipment classes, private, and duo sessions and
Mat classes. Find us at www.RosePilates.com

We believe that couples who work out together can enhance all
aspects of their relationship, including better sex.

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