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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Aug 13, Pilates Fitness Equipment For Home Starts With Choosing The Right Reformer

Pilates fitness equipment for home can be as small and portable as a mat, or as big and solid as a studio reformer.

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There is no universal guide to discovering each and every piece of Pilates fitness equipment that?s out there. Knowing your needs may help to narrow the field.

First question: Are you looking into buying Pilates fitness equipment for home? Or do you belong to a Pilates studio and want more information about the equipment you see there? Let?s do a comparison of the difference between the two; home versus studio equipment.

The first Pilates fitness equipment item that comes to mind is a Pilates mainstay: The Reformer. There are many makers and brands to choose from. Let?s look at some of the most popular and best Pilates home gym reformers.

The Performer: A big seller, the Performer has been sold on shopping networks, ebay, and numerous Pilates fitness equipment websites. It is a relatively light frame and sits on the floor or can be put up on a frame which is purchased separately.
I have only been on it one time and I don?t care if I ever go back. It?s not made for a large framed person and the resistance comes from bungee cords. But the price is right, about $300.00. It?s downright inexpensive.The Aero Reformer: Made by the same company that makes the Performer, The Aero is a bit sturdier and more expensive. It offers a wood frame, more like a studio reformer, and added bonuses like a Rebounder attachment for a trampoline-like cardio workout
I have not been on this one, but it does look more hefty than the Performer.The Allegro Reformer: This is the number one seller mainly because gyms all across the USA are offering Allegro classes. It folds up flat so storage is easy. It lies on the floor and can be set up in 60 seconds, so a gym setting seems a perfect fit.
I have been on an Allegro and it?s not a bad piece of Pilates equipment. Cost goes up here to about $2300.00.The Pilates IQ Reformer: Also made by Balanced Body, the makers of the Allegro, this reformer is made for home use. It is not as big as an Allegro, but folds up small enough to fit under a bed or upright in a closet.
At $1625.00, it is not inexpensive, and I?ve never tried it personally, but it is probably a cut above a Performer or Aero.
Now let?s look at a few of the best selling studio reformers. Balanced Body Studio Reformer: I am biased because I have these reformers in my own studio. They come in different styles with different foot bar configurations, but generally the frames are made from Rock Maple and you have a choice of color on the upholstery.
I love this equipment because it is so beautifully made without being high tech. They remind me of the handmade wooden beds my father used to build. They run upwards of $3400.00.STOTT PILATES? Reformers: Made by Co-Founders Lindsay and Moira Merithews Company, this reformer is the complete opposite of a studio reformer made of wood. The STOTT PILATES reformer is made of mostly metal and looks cold and modern. It is a superb ride, I must admit.
It has clean lines, a sturdy build and lots of weight. It is a great modern take on Joseph Pilate?s original design. Gratz: Gratz has always been known as the classic Pilates reformer. It?s smaller shape, metal frame, and leather straps make it more like an original Joseph Pilates creation. I worked on Gratz for a few months and I don?t personally love them. I find them small (I?m only 5?1?!) and restrictive.
It's a bit pricey running in the $3700.00 range. But if you are a purist, you will love the distinction of owning a Gratz reformer.

As you can guess, there are many more reformers to choose from. One only needs to Google to find out. But if you are going for a piece of Pilates home fitness equipment and you have the room to have a permanent fixture, go with a studio style reformer. The ride is better and the equipment is solid.

If you have a small apartment and need to get your Pilates every day, stick with a portable kind. All the big companies like Balanced Body, Peak Pilates, Gratz, and STOTT PILATES make home versions of their studio styles.

And, if you're lookingfor Pilates fitness equipment for home to simulate exercises performed on the Cadillac, or Trapeze Table, try the new and innovative PilatesStick. PilatesStick. It's portable, easy to set up, and you can do the Pilates exercises done on a Caddy like Rolldowns and Leg Springs. The cost is approximately $150.00, so it ranks as an inexpensive piece of Pilates fitness equipment for home.

One thing for sure, any Pilates fitness equipment for home is an investment. So make sure you love Pilates enough to justify owning one.

Pilates fitness equipment for home gyms

Wondering if it makes sense to try and set your own Home Gym for Pilates, but not sure where to begin. Read our Home Gym article for tips on setting up the right home gym for you, and more help deciding which Pilates fitness equipment for home is the best choice for you.

Don't think you have to spend a lot of money on your first piece of Pilates fitness equipment for home, a stability ball is another piece of Pilates fitness equipment for home that is ideal for someone just starting out or on a limited budget.

Stability ball exercises are helpful to achieve better coordination and flexibility. A valuable asset for health.

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