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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Aug 13, pilates home gym - pilates home fitness equipment - everything-about-pilates.com

pilates home gym equipment

Is the time right for you to set up your own Pilates home gym? You?ve been taking classes and private sessions for a long time now and you feel the time is right. Here are a few pointers to help you put together a Pilates home gym that suits you and your home.

First of all, how much space do you have to play with? Are you in a house with an empty room or in an apartment with limited space? This will be the deciding factor as to what kind of equipment you will need.

Lets look at a big space scenario. Most fitness equipment is big, sturdy and not always portable. The classic configuration for a Pilates studio might be this:

Reformer CadillacFoot ChairLadder BarrelMagic CircleArc BarrelsSpine Corrector Matsvarious small pieces

It is not necessary to recreate this in its entirety, but a Reformer, Cadillac, and mat are essential.

The Reformer has morphed into Transformer looking contraptions like a combo Reformer, Cadillac, and mat. These types of combinations look intimidating, and may take a while to master, but they do save space. They are expensive because they are essentially three pieces in one

A Tower is another take on a combo, part Cadillac, part mat. It also requires a bit of ceiling height and needs to be bolted into a wall, so be prepared for it?s lack of portability. It could be that you purchase a Tower and a Reformer and you?ll have the three essentials you?ll need for a Pilates home gym.

Good ceiling height is a plus when thinking about a Cadillac. I remember working in New York City in my first Pilates studio experience where the owner actually cut the legs down on his Cadillac to make it fit in his low ceiling studio. So remember that certain equipment has not only girth, but height.

The smaller pieces are what add spice and variety to your at home workouts. Although you may not want or need a spine corrector, an arc barrel might be a small enough piece to incorporate. A Magic Circle, also known as a Fitness Circle among other names, is also a great piece of small Pilates equipment. A mat, maybe a foam roller and a stability ball are great, inexpensive ways to add to your home gym.

And finally, if cost is a factor, invest in a really good foam mat. The Pilates mat exercises are indispensable in terms of efficiency and you get a really great workout!

Only invest in a Pilates home gym if you are advanced enough and motivated enough to be working on your own. Working with trainer is still the best possible option, but having your very own Pilates home gym is the next best thing.

Solutions for Small Space Home Gyms

If you are living in a small space, you may have to choose just one piece of Pilates home gym equipment, and I would choose a Reformer. It is so versatile and there is no limit to what can be achieved with it. Arms, legs and core are all emphasized in the Reformer exercises. So do some homework and choose the Reformer that is appropriate in terms of cost and portability.

For more information about reformers, please see our Pilates reformer review
Have fun with your teen fitness workoutsThe stability ball is another piece of Pilates equipment that is ideal for the home. Balance ball exercises are helpful to achieve better coordination and flexibility. A valuable asset for health. Outfitting your home gym does not have to break the bank . There are many relaitively inexpensive items that you can use to equip a home gym or fitness area.

Made by a variety of manufacturers, buying a Reformer is an investment in good health. Reformer exercises helps build strength in the arms, legs, core and back muscles. Some home models fold up when not in use. Home Reformers range in prices as low as $300 while more expensive models can top around $4000.

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