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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Aug 13, The Ultimate Pilates Fitness Equipment Without The Leg Irons

Add Dimension To Your Weight Training Workout

Pilates fitness equipment is versatile and fun and offers a great workout. The Pilates method of exercise is much more than just stretching. It is first and foremost strength training. When we think of strength training, or stamina exercises we think of weight lifting and weight training.

Barbells, ankle weights, benches and free weights are just some of the traditional fitness equipment that comes to mind. When thinking Pilates fitness equipment we think of the Magic Circle, Reformer, Cadillac and Foot Chair for all your strength training needs.

Aerobic fitness, Pilates, and strength training are a great combination. Strength training in any form is a good thing and Pilates workouts can enhance an existing weight-training program. Aerobics, or cardiovascular exercise, is an important key to any exercise program.

Although Pilates is not generally considered Aerobic fitness, done at an advanced upbeat tempo it can raise your heart rate. The very fact that you are exercising will raise your heart rate.

So whether you are at home or in a studio, Pilates fitness equipment can be as small and portable as an exercise band all the way up to the bigger pieces of equipment like the Reformer and Cadillac.

All exercise equipment adds another dimension to your workout. Pilates fitness equipment emphasizes the same things accomplished in the mat exercise workouts, but adds resistance to the movement.
advantages of using pilates exercise machines ? Using the Pilates machines adds weighted resistance to the Pilates? The added resistance comes from weighted springs, not a dead weight? Arm and leg exercises become more emphasized than in the mat work? The machines provide a diverse workout working more muscle groups at one timeThe equipment can be used at home or in studio with an instructor? Working with machines is versatile and fun

The difference between the more traditional workouts and Pilates strength training is that Pilates has the reputation of building longer, less bulky muscles. How is this possible?

The weighted springs provide a gradual resistance starting off with very little weight and pushing to a much stronger weight as the spring is extended. This mimics a natural muscle contraction and does away with short, bulky muscles. The added stretching in Pilates also helps to fend off tight, short muscles.

No time for the gym or can?t get to your Pilates studio this week? Weight training at home can be a great alternative to expensive gym memberships and offers you privacy and time flexibility.

There are reputable Pilates exercise equipment makers that offer at home equipment like ?fold away? reformers or combo pieces like ?part Cadillac, part reformer? that take up much less room than studio equipment.

Remember, your at home equipment is only as good as you are! Knowing what you are doing is very important. So splurge on those private sessions first before investing in costly pieces of equipment.

But not all at home fitness equipment needs to be the expensive, big pieces. Exercise bands, foam rollers, stability balls, magic circles and a good mat are inexpensive and take up little room. All are great alternatives to your regular weight training at home workout.Please read our home gym article for help in setting up your own Remember; be versatile in your workouts! Test your muscles in many different ways and you will be rewarded for it.

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