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Friday, 22 June 2012

Aug 15, Pilates equipment PilatesStick Portable Workout Studio

The PilatesStick Is The Ultimate Portable Pilates Equipment System On The Market

pilates stick is a complete mobile pilates studio

Bring Diversity And Function to Your Pilates Workout

Pilates equipment can range from a simple mat to the enormous Caddilac. While all the equipment offers diversity and function to your Pilates workout, it's been difficult to get an apparatus workout any where but at a dedicated Pilates studio.

Until now.

The PilatesStick is a new, innovative piece of equipment that is portable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. For approximately $150.00, you can get a great Pilates workout in the privacy of your own home. Looking like a short broom stick with handles and eye rings, The PilatesStick is easy to set up and even easier to store. After a few set up cues, just place the rubber stopper into a door and shut the door tight. When you're done, store in it's handy carrying bag. This ease of use makes this an absolutely perfect traveling tool.

The Pilates Mat-work can be done just about anywhere, and you can buy a home Reformer for your personal use, but mimicking the Caddilac, or Trapeze Table, has been difficult to do outside a Pilates studio.

The PilatesStick is the first piece of Pilates equipment I've seen that simulates the Caddy exercises. And who doesn't love Caddy exercises! Roll-downs, Leg Springs, and Fencing are just a few of the many Pilates exercises you can do with your PilatesStick. And while The PilatesStick is not limited to just Caddy exercises, these are the ones that I find so interesting and beneficial to do.

The kit comes with an Intro DVD, carrying bag, exercise mat, foot loops, spring-like cords and bar. The Intro DVD is enough to get you started and if you have any experience with Pilates, you can just play around a bit and add to your workout. An advanced DVD is coming out soon and Susannah Cotrone, a Romana certified instructor, will lead you through a thorough and challenging workout.

I love Pilates exercise and I especially love using the PilatesStick. The PilatesStick is something I can use any time and every day. Even if it's just for 20 minutes, I love that Pilates exercise is so accessible. Try this nifty bit of Pilates equipment and you'll enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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When thinking about Portable Pilates Equipment you of course can't forget the Pilates Mat.

You can Take a Pilates mat anywhere, and it is without doubt one of the most versatile and affordable pieces of portable Pilates equipment you can own. The selection of mats that are on the market is endless, we get all our Pilates Mats at WholeBodyMarket. We like the company, they have great customer service and they carry a wide selection to cater to any budget.

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