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Friday, 22 June 2012

Aug 17, Adult Exercise Ball Workout Fun For Balance and Coordination

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An exercise ball workout? What is an exercise ball? You’ve probably seen the big, usually royal blue, rubber balls in your gym or at your Pilates studio. Looks like a big toy for grown ups. Well…it is!

An exercise ball, also known as a stability ball, fitness ball, or Pilates ball, is a perfect addition to your Pilates fitness routine and a marvelous way to put a challenge into your every day exercises.

The exercise ball is a large rubber ball (usually 65cm) strong enough to support your weight. It works on the idea that an unstable surface makes it more challenging to keep your balance, therefore recruiting your core group of muscles to keep you on the ball.

For example, during this routine, simply placing a basic sit-up off the floor and onto the stability ball will increase the intensity of the exercise.

Your height and weight come into consideration when purchasing a stability ball. When you sit down on the ball, your knees should be at a 90 degree angle. It should also be pumped up to an almost firm feeling. Too soft, and the functionality of your exercise ball workout decreases.

Increase your balance and Stability with Pilates Exercise Ball Workouts

• Increased core strength

• Increased stability

• Increased balance

• Increased coordination

• Targets hard to reach muscles like the Transverses Abdominus

• Adds variety to your workout

• Is a versatile and inexpensive piece of equipment

Besides fitness workouts, there are other uses for the stability ball. It was first developed to be of use in Physical Therapy. People also use them as chairs if they spend a lot of time in front of a computer or at a desk.

Pregnant women might purchase one for the actual delivery of the baby to have support for their back. But the foremost use for the exercise ball remains exercising.

Traditional workouts are not the only exercise routines to benefit from adding the ball. Incorporating the stabilty ball into your Pilates mat workout is a great idea. Ball exercises for beginners is a good place to start even if you are a fit person but have no experience on the ball or with Pilates.

Getting comfortable on the ball is your number one priority. Building your strength gradually with an exercise ball workout is number two.

After mastering the beginner ball exercises, try the intermediate level fitness ball exercises. These are, of course, more challenging and require more Pilates experience.

If you are a Pilates Queen or King, the advanced exercise ball workouts are what you’ll be needing. A word of caution: Know your level! Be honest about how much you can really handle. The advanced ball exercises are for the very experienced Pilates practitioner.

Whatever your level, performing an exercise ball workout brings new excitement and challenge. As always, consult a certified professional for more help on the ball.

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