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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Aug 17, A Pilates Beginner Workout Is The Ideal Place To Start Your Pilates Obsession

You?ve thought about becoming a Pilates beginner student for a long time. Even your friends have been telling you forever. Try Pilates!

Finding The Right Pilates Studio In Your City Is Easy If You Ask The Right Questions

Naked Exercise Workouts So you?ve made the decision to go for it. Now what do you do?

A Pilates beginner workout will be a perfect place to start your Pilates obsession. The first thing you need to do is find out if there is a Pilates studio in your area.

If you are living in a big city like New York or Boston, there are Pilates studios on every block. But for those who live in a smaller town, the search for a studio might take a bit longer.

Thankfully, the Internet has become an enormous resource for finding anything, and Pilates beginner workouts are no exception. Simply search for ?Pilates studios? and insert the city where you live. Easy peasy.

How do you know that the studio you go to is reputable? Simply ask them what their training is, what certifications they hold, where they received their training and how many years have they been teaching. It will become readily apparent if they are not the place for you to start your workouts.

Try to steer away from anyone who has done only a weekend training.
Rule number one: YOU CAN?T LEARN TO TEACH PILATES IN ONE WEEKEND! You just can?t.

So look for an experienced and qualified instructor.

What makes a qualified instructor? Well, I know instructors that hold big certifications and they are not the best teachers. I know some instructors who are not certified and are wonderful teachers.

These days, it is a little harder to find instructors that are not certified in some form of Pilates, but getting a little background on your instructor is a smart thing to do.

So now you have found your studio and your instructor that will officially make you a Pilates beginner client. Should you have a private or duet session? How about a group class? It depends on what the studio is offering, but most studios offer both group and private situations.

A Pilates beginner group mat class is a good, economic starting place if you are healthy and have no special physical issues. Beginner Pilates can be taught well in a small group setting, but I always think a private session is the way to go.

Every studio is different, but your private beginner Pilates session might consist of a client health intake that your instructor will go over with you. You might also get a postural and gait analysis. At my studio, we start everyone on the mat regardless of fitness level.

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It?s important that you understand the basic ideas behind Pilates and equally important that you speak the same language as your instructor. Your instructor will develop your beginner exercise program based on your needs, fitness level, and goals.

As for the little details, wear something you are comfortable moving and stretching in. Pilates clothes should be form fitting and not too baggy but they don?t have to be expensive, trendy exercise clothes.

If your hair is long, tie it back. Shoes are not required, but you may wear socks or go barefoot. You can look into Pilates DVDs or Pilates reformer videos, but I still believe you need the expert eye of a qualified instructor to get your beginner exercise program started.

Now that you are a Pilates beginner, what can you aspire to? How about Pilates intermediate or advanced?

These different levels are only achieved through hard work, concentration and patience. Remember, Pilates exercise is not competitive! Listen to your body (and your instructor) and you?ll reap all the wonderful benefits Pilates can offer.

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