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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Aug 17, teen workouts - teens health - teen exercise programs

Knowing About Teen Health Makes Activities For Teens Important For A Young Teenager

Great Teen Fitness Programs that make working out fun

Teen workouts can be fun. Let me re-phrase. Teen workouts should be fun. In this age of video games, ipods, computer surfing, and any of the abundant media available to teens, it?s no wonder that teen obesity is on the rise.

Want your teen to adhere to an active and healthy lifestyle? Here?s what you can do.

The first thing you can do to motivate your teen is to limit their sedentary time. Most kids spend 6 hours a day on media viewing. A general recommendation is to have your teen exercise at least one hour a day on most days. Teen workouts don?t have to be formal workouts, like going to a gym. Home teen workouts are a good idea too. The idea is to just get them moving.

If your teen is old enough to have a job, recommend one that is active in nature. Home improvement stores or landscaping jobs are a good choice as are camp counselor and dog walker.

Make teen exercise about family time. Set a good example. Take walks together or find a sport that both of you, or the whole family, will enjoy. Free workouts for teens like walking, running, and hiking, can be easier on your pocketbook than organized fitness programs.

If they express an interest in formal strength training with free weights and machines, make sure a trained professional supervises them.

Because their young bodies are still developing, there is a need to prevent sports injuries caused by working incorrectly or lifting a weight they aren?t ready for yet.

You might try something a bit different for them, like Pilates. A Pilates workout for teens can increase strength and flexibility, and perhaps more importantly, body awareness. The sooner a young person learns about how their body works and feels, the sooner they will start to live in their body instead of just inhabiting it.

Some kids seem detached from their bodies and completely unaware of how it works and what it needs. Pilates can be a first step to better body awareness.

Whatever the choice, let it be theirs. Exercise routines for teenagers will be adhered to if it?s a workout they enjoy. They may choose a competitive sport or a team sport. Any activity they enjoy is the right choice because it is the one they will stick with.

You might try the truthful, factual approach when talking to your teen about getting active. The studies are there. Teen and childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic. 16-33% of teens are obese and they stand an 80% chance of being obese adults.

Regular physical activity can prevent heart disease and diabetes down the road. The time to start taking care of their bodies is now.

As a parent, you?ll feel good knowing that teen workouts can help to increase self confidence and a feeling of well-being. Working out will increase strength and energy and decrease stress. The benefits are overwhelming. There really is no reason not to get moving.

With today?s academic and social pressures, not to mention the physical and emotional changes teens experience, it may take some time to get your kids motivated.

We all know, teens won?t do what they ?have? to do. So try not to nudge or nag too much. Be a good role model and adapt an active lifestyle for yourself if you haven?t already done so.

Teen workouts can take many shapes. Encourage your teen to discover the right one for them.
Beginner Exercise Ball Workouts Are A Great Start To Teen Fitness

Making teen workouts fun is a great motivator to getting in shape. Everyone enjoys a good time and if we make exercising more fun it stands to reason we will do more of it.

The workouts that you can devise with an exercise ball for teen fitness are endless. A few of the benefits that come from using a stability ball for a teen fitness workout include
? increased core strength
? greatly improved balance and coordination
? gain flexibility
? improves mindy body connection

Read this for more information onStability Ball Workouts to see what kind of fun you can have.

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