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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Aug 18, home teen workouts - teens health - teenager pilates exercises

Home teen workouts are an easy way to add in a little more exercise time to your already busy life. Finding it hard to get motivated to workout after a long day at school?

Feel like just plopping in front of the TV? Never fear, you can find the time for fitness even when you are watching TV.

Think about how many commercials you might watch in an hour of TV viewing. There may be twenty minutes of commercial time for every hour long show. That sounds like wasted time to me! Sounds like it's time for some home teen workouts!

Instead of running to the kitchen for a snack, try this simple and fun workout. Workout and watch TV?

Commercial break

• The Warm Up: It can be anything that gets your motor running and your body heat up. Try marching in place. Knees high as you swing your arms forward and back.

Try doing the most exaggerated march you can, and though you may feel silly, remember that silly is good! Laughing is another great way to warm up your body.

Now, watch your show! Think ahead to he next commercial and then you’ll start your commercial break workout.

Commercial break

• Squats with Side Leg Lift: Stand with feet hips width apart, toes facing front and hands on hips. Bend knees and push your butt backwards as if to sit down in a chair. As you return, lift one leg out to the side raising it towards the ceiling.

Lower leg down and repeat to the other side. Continue alternating legs through the commercial break and do as many as you can until the commercial is over.

Tip: keep your body upright. Try not to lean as you lift the leg.

Commercial break

• Lunge Backs: Stand with feet hips width apart, hands on hips. Step back with one leg bending both knees until they are in 90-degree angles. Sink the back knee close to the floor. Using the muscles of the front leg, push back up to standing.

Repeat on other leg. Continue to alternate legs, doing as many as possible during the commercial.

Tip: Make sure your knee falls over the toes of the front foot. Keep your body upright.

Commercial break

• Push-ups: Kneel down, lean forward and place hands on the floor about 8 inches away form your body, fingers face forward. Slowly lower your chest to the floor then press back up.

Inhale to lower; exhale to lift. Your knees remain bent, but your feet are in the air. Do as many as you can during the break.

Tip: Keep your body strong, butt tight and abs firm.

Commercial break

• Ab Curls: Lie on your back with knees bent and feet placed on the floor. Lace your fingertips behind your head to support the weight of your head in your hands.

Roll head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Slowly lower them down without completely relaxing, and repeat as many times as possible during the break.

Tip: Keep your abs pulled in, lower back on the floor and neck relaxed. Focus the work on your abs, not your hip flexors.

Commercial break

• Criss Cross: This is a classic Pilates move.Lie on your back with your legs lifted at a 45-degree angle. Bend right knee into towards your chest and twist the left elbow and ribcage towards the knee.

Switch legs so that the left knee is bent, right leg straight, right elbow and ribcage are twisting across your body. Continue switching during the whole commercial break.

Tip: always keep your lower back on the floor and neck relaxed and abs pulled in tight. Remember not to turn your head right and left, twist your torso instead.

Commercial break

• Stretch: hamstrings (back of thighs), quads (front of thighs), back, shoulders, whatever feels good. Stretching should be a part of all home teen workouts. Hold your stretches for 30 seconds each.

These exercises are just suggestions. There are so many choices for home teen workouts, you can interchange them or try different ones as your mood changes.

Remember: stop the exercise if anything suddenly hurts.

Try not to strain yourself. These are fun, easy exercises to master. No need to do them badly and end up injured. So proceed with care!

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do for your home teen workouts, just do them! The point is to get moving, limit your sedentary time, and make yourself stronger. A change of lifestyle now sets you up for a long and healthy future.

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