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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Aug 19, Better Orgasms Improve Sexual Performance with Pilates Pelvic Floor Exercises

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Want better orgasms? Run; don’t walk, to your friendly local Pilates studio. Pilates for men may help improve your sexual performance.

To unlock the mystery behind better orgasms we need only look as far as Dr. Kegel and those famous exercises. Originally designed to help women regain pelvic floor strength after childbirth, the Kegel exercises are now known to be just as important for men.

How does Pilates for men fall into this subject? Pilates, in addition to all its benefits, helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Both men and women possess pelvic floor muscles, so both sexes need to keep them tone.

As for the connection to men’s health and better orgasms and sexual performance, let’s first locate your pubococcygeal muscle. Didn’t know you had a pubococcygeal muscle? It is located between the pubic bone and the coccyx (tail bone) and acts as a hammock to support the muscles of the pelvic cavity. The PC muscle is involved in urination and ejaculation. So if you are a man suffering from incontinence or premature ejaculation, listen up. There is something you can do.

Think of the muscle that stops your flow of urine. That is your PC muscle. Give it a squeeze right now. Try clenching or pumping that muscle. Hold the contraction for a few moments and release. Dr. Kegel recommended performing this exercise for one hour every day. Personally, I try to fit them in whenever I can. On line at the bank, in my car, during a commercial break. Fun with Kegels!

Poor tone and lack of function is what leads to many physical ailments. It’s also what may lead to erectile dysfunction, incontinence and premature ejaculation. An increased blood flow to the penis will make for stronger orgasms and better control. And really, when we are talking about Pilates exercise, we are talking about control.

Joseph Pilates first called his method of exercise Contrology. He wanted you to master control over your own body and it’s movements. The muscles involved in ejaculation are muscles like any other we have. They need to be strengthened to prevent or control premature ejaculation.

So get exercisng, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to achieve better orgasms! You and your partner will both be happy.!

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