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Monday, 25 June 2012

Feb 23, butt exercises - firmer buttocks - everything-about-pilates.com

Perk Up Your Gluteus Maximus Muscle And Your Jeans Won't Be Alone In Noticing A Difference

Best Exercises To Get A Better Butt

Get the shape you want with these top 5 butt exercises. Pilates butt toning exercises are created for every different fitness level. There are hundreds of different toning and butt workouts for women, but none that can help you achieve the results like Pilates can.

Use These Exercises To Get The Perfect Derriere

Squats : These butt exercises are of course used in any discipline but they are always effective. Squats not only work your butt but also your thighs and legs.

This Pilates version of a squat can be done with a large exercise ball. Find an open space on your wall and lean your ball against it and place it in the middle of your back, arms outstretched in front of you. Slowly bend your knees into a squat so your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Hold for three breaths, then straighten your knees and return to your starting position.

Side Kick : This is a very popular move that is great for butt workouts. Side Kicks do wonders for your butt. Lay on your mat on your side with your legs outstretched, stacked on top of each other, and slightly in front of your body. (Think of a banana shape).

Raise the top leg to hip height and swing it in front of you without pitching your body back. Now swing it to the back, again trying to keep your body stable. This should be done in one smooth motion to work you butt, abs (for stability) and outer thighs. You can reinforce this exercise by adding ankle weights.
Start with 5 - 10 reps then increase as necessary.Standing Lunge : This is another classic exercise to include in your butt toning exercises that gets the job done. Stand tall with your hands on your hips.

Pick your right foot up and take a big step forward, landing on your right foot in a deep knee bend. (Never go lower than a 90 degree right angle with your knee) Your left knee will be close to the floor.

Hold for a breath, push off the right leg and return to your standing position. When you are doing the lunge focus more on the firmness of your body and the length in your spine, and tighten your butt as well as your core to keep the lunge as stable as possible.
Try 10 reps alternating legs to start.Shoulder Bridge : This is a prep for a classic Pilates exercise. Lay on your back with knees bent and feet placed on the mat, both arms at your sides.

Press into your feet and slowly roll your bottom and spine off the mat until your ribcage and pelvis are in the same plain. (Think one long line from your knees to your shoulders) Hold this for three breaths and then return to your starting position, exhaling as you roll your spine down.

While doing this exercise remember to keep your butt, hamstrings and core as tight as possible to achieve best results.

Heel Beats : On your mat, lay on your stomach with your legs straight, hips width apart and slightly turned out. Your arms are bent and hands placed under your forehead like a pillow.

Squeeze your buns (gluteals) and lift your whole legs off the floor pressing your hips and pubic bone into the mat. Squeeze your butt and hamstring muscles and open and close the legs in a beating action.

Think of beating the inner thighs and not so much from the heels. The beat should be vigorous, quick and strong.
Try for 30 beats, lower legs and lift to repeat.

As you can see, all of these butt exercises also work the thighs. When you are practicing Pilates, you?ll find that many muscle groups are worked at the same time.

Put these 5 butt toning exercises and butt workouts into motion along with a cardio routine and you will find that Pilates and butt lift exercises are also fat burning exercises.

Pilates is an excellent discipline for butt exercises. If you're looking to tone up any area of your body. Pilates is the perfect total body workout.

Perky. Double Trouble. Moundies.
Are you bootilicious? Nothing to be ashamed of.
Big butts are all the rage.
Nobody wants a saggy baggy.

Keep your butt in shape with a daily butt workout. A butt exercise needs to work the gluteus maximus muscle, the muscle that makes your mound round. Butt workouts can be stationary like squats or more moving like hikes up a steep hill.

Whatever butt exercises that get that junk in your trunk lifted and solid so you can stay bootilicious, not sagilicious.

There are lots of ways to get the butt you've always wanted. Click on Get A Better Booty. to read more and see one of the programs that we've found and like.

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