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Monday, 25 June 2012

Feb 23, Have Better Sex with Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles

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Want to know how to achieve better sex and heightened sexual pleasure? Let?s think. If better sex were a recipe, here are some of the ingredients that might go into a delicious portion of sex: mix some strong abdominals with some toned pelvic floor muscles, a dash of mobile hip joints, a pinch of body awareness and a smidge of concentration, all tossed with some good flowing oxygen and voila! An improved sex life.

Wait a minute?.those ingredients are also major benefits of a regular Pilates exercise routine. Yes, it?s true. Pilates is good for your sex life!

Studies have shown that a key to an improved sex life is a healthy fit body. Because of the obvious, and not so obvious, body-strengthening benefits of a regular Pilates routine.

First and foremost, let?s talk pelvic floor. Know where your pelvic floor muscles are? Try this: think of the muscles that stop the flow of urine. Are you squeezing them now? Those are your pelvic floor muscles, which also factor into the famous Kegal exercises. They act as a kind of sling, or hammock, that support you from the very bottom of your pelvis.

Strong pelvic floor muscles equal better orgasms. It?s a fact; I?m not making this stuff up.

Next, stronger abdominal muscles help to sustain the actions of better sex. Stronger core equals stronger movements for a longer period of time. Think of a belly dancer and the control she has over her core muscles. That undulating movement is created from very strong core muscles and years of practice. Pilates can offer that same control.

How about flexibility? Want to try some of those fabulous Kama Sutra poses, but can?t quite get your leg over your head? Pilates improves your flexibility and overall range of movement at the joints.

Looser hips give you greater ease of movement and a freer feeling body. Sounds good to me.

Some of the less obvious benefits of Pilates and how to have better sex have to do with oxygen. Pilates requires very deep, sometimes sustained breathing. This oxygenates your blood and sends oxygen to your muscles faster. The increased blood flow that comes from Pilates exercise can also benefit men who are experiencing some erectile difficulties.

Usually, and I am not an MD, an increased blood flow to certain areas of a man?s body, and you know what I?m getting at here, is all that is needed to feel improved strength. A stronger body also allows for better stamina and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Sex is many times more mental than physical. We all know how a little mental concentration can boost your experience. (wink?nod) Pilates exercise utilizes imagery to achieve the correct form and feeling to each exercise.

So not all benefits of Pilates and how to have better sexual pleasure are physical. The mental strength recruited during a workout can also be used in your sexual workout.

Joseph Pilates stated that the five basic principles behind his method of exercise are concentration, control, centering, flow, and breathing. All very good compliments on how to have better sex.

Really what it comes down to is control. Joseph Pilates first called his method of exercise Contrology. Yes, he was a control freak, but in a good way!

Be the master of your mind and body and you will have control in all areas of your life. Pilates will be the way to sexual pleasure.

How Men Can Have Better Sex

Pilates is not just for women.

Pilates was invented by a man. The number of men practicing Pilates is growing larger everyday.

There are many reasons why Pilates for men is the smart choice. Men want to improve their sexual performance. too. 

Satisfy your partner more, and get in shape at the same time. Everybody Wins!

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