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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mar 20, How Pilates Abs Exercise DVDs Rate In Today's Marketplace- everything-about-pilates.com

Best Exercises To Get flat abs

Have you seen how many Pilates abs exercise DVDs there are out there? Hundreds! How does one choose which one may be right for you? First, ask yourself a few questions.

Have you done Pilates before? Are you trying to lose weight Are you looking to maintain your fitness during a pregnancy? For whatever the reason, you?ll find there are many Pilates exercise DVDs to choose from for your next workout.

The best Pilates abs exercise DVDs are the ones that offer a total body workout. Most DVD?s and videos show Pilates mat exercises only with some offering workouts with small equipment like a theraband or Magic Circle. Some focus on lower ab workouts, some focus on legs and arms, and some might focus on butt exercises.

Here is a sampling of who and what is out there making Pilates exercise and abs exercise dvds:

Some focus on lower ab workouts, some focus on legs and arms, and some might focus on butt exercises.

? Mari Windsor: A fixture in the Pilates community, Mari is an overly commercialized big seller and popular with celebrities. Her videos are traditionally based and move at a rapid pace.

Her Windsor Pilates videos are geared to the established Pilates practitioner and not necessarily for the beginner client. However, her style is easy going and her method of Pilates is more classical and therefore calisthenic.

? Moira Merrithew: The thinking man?s videos. Another huge seller, STOTT PILATES? videos are safe, slow and very well explained. Her pacing is generally slower than a more traditional approach, and she comes across a bit dry.

She has taken the Pilates method and combined it with good common sense and applies current bio mechanical knowledge to all her exercises. You are in good hands, but you won?t get what Pilates was originally like, movement based and callisthenic.

STOTT PILATES has come out with new workouts that are Pilates based, a bit more up-tempo and really fun but not necessarily pure Pilates.

? Ana Caban: Ana has DVDs with Gaiam. She is classically trained in Pilates and a former dancer (as are most of these women). She?s likable and her exercises are easily understood.

But I always feel like something is missing. The workouts never feel complete to me. They are a safe choice. She is certainly knowledgeable and the most pleasant of any you?ll see on any Pilates abs exercise videos on the market today.

? Romana Kryzanowska: The grand mammy of Pilates, Romana is a legend. She is one of the remaining few who actually studied with Joseph Pilates. Her relationship with him is perhaps deeper than most and she teaches the only way she knows how. She just does ?what Joe taught me?.

So what you get is the closest thing to what was invented by Pilates himself. Her Abs exercise DVDs are not easy! Even the basic moves might be considered too tough for some beginners. But it?s pure and fun and in the end, it?s very refreshing!

No more thinking the moves, just feeling your body. And moving from one exercise to the next is actually freeing after experiencing some of the watered down versions out there.

Beware of fitness legends suddenly doing Pilates videos because of the popularity. (Denise Austin comes to mind. Don?t waste your time with her Pilates videos)

Stick with the instructors that are only Pilates instructors.

And beware of the Pilates abs exercise dvds that offer workouts for body parts. Lower ab Pilates workouts and exercise for abs are not complete thoughts. Pilates is a full body workout.

? Physical Mind Institute, Power Pilates, Polestar, and even the dreadful Zone Pilates are all there to explore.

Try out a few different Pilates abs exercise dvds. Or better yet, find a qualified instructor in your area and make an appointment. There is nothing better than one on one instruction. That can be followed by at home exercise DVD work or abs exercise dvds, but get the experienced eyes on you first before you workout with the experts at home.

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